I came across this advertisement on catawiki.

What do you think about this, selling by auction?

"Certificate of origin issued by an important auction house.
"Estimated € 700 - € 1000 according to auctioneer"

All kinds of questions raise into my mind. The text says it is original by the artist, although the sticker and (arti)stamps tell it must have been in the mail around 2014, while the master alas passed away in 1990. So at least there have been two artists instead of GAC only. Who is it? Why is it for sale? Would you want to buy it? 

To be short: what do YOU think about it?

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p.s. Five days left for your bid!

In general, I'm not averse to paying for formerly "free" Mail Art/Artistamps, etc., but I'm aware of the price level and as a postal history and stamp collector for decades, have a fair idea of reasonable market value and the other alternative, such as the lot promoted here.

A tribute piece with wonderful artistampery is desirable, but the price is impressively high.  What is different from most offerings on eBay and the like is that this is a numbered piece, ex-museum, with documented provenance.  The price is not objectionable @ $100USD, 5 days out.    It may bring multiples of this as the connection to the mainstream/capitalist art market on the part of Cavellini, the way this piece is framed and attributed, and the exposure Catawiki provides and you have the basis for mainstream auction prices for what is much more commonly traded for free.

It does provide an interesting connection between the democratic, free exchange of artwork by mail and what some consider, with rancor, the opposite end of that spectrum.

This is from Cavelini, signed in 1985. He sent them out into the network too.

Good questions indeed. I have one of these in my collection. And no, wouldn't sell it at this time. Nor would I buy a piece that wasn't sent to me.

The commercial market takes over it seems when the artists die....

30.01.17 DareMs. Heleen de V., ... Is mail art chicken feed or a nest egg?  Sincelery, Richard C.




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