Form: Free!

Let's create SEVEN cute doggy mail art pieces each and send one to each participant.  :)  I think if we aim to have sent them by mid Aug that should be enough time :)


Caly DePalma

425 Old Spanish Trl

Knoxville, TN 37919

Robin Moore

501 Cannelton Road

Darlington PA 16115

Angie Cope

225 S. Summit Dr

Port Washington WI 53074


Amy Irwen
3831 Cardinal St W
Rosemount, MN 55068


HC02 Box 11073

Humacao, Puerto Rico


Judy Staroscik

825 Dunraven Drive
Manchester, MO 63021

Mary J. Grellner
254 Green Summit Dr.
Wentzville,MO  63385  USA

Laura Daniels
The Annexe,
455 Wokingham Road

United Kingdom

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I'm about 20 miles west of downtown Nashville. I've been here almost five years? ? ? Time flys! We moved here from Portland Oregon.
Hubby is semi retired and wanted a dog.... So for his birthday last year, I got a beautiful little lab puppy. She s really sweet... Hard headed, but sweet.
So she's his dog.... But she loves me! Hahaha. She follows me everywhere. Listens to me and not Gary. Sleeps on the floor but on my side of the bed. Gary loves her anyway. But he calls her Mama's Girl.
Nice Helga. It must be a Lab thing. Years ago our Lab was suppose to be my son's and my XH was going to train him, but he latched on to me LOL I didn't mind really. :-) we now have a dachshund who thinks I am his litter mate and only comes when I call, no one else. We love him to death.

Helga my mail out to you may be slightly delayed, but I will get it in the post as soon as I can :)

I see it!
Hi Helga Deb! Welcome to the July.Aug 2013 Doggie Exchange. I will be working on one to send your way.
Post your address here so everyone in the exchange can include you....
Be seeing you in the mail *!*
I did post it on this thread. Maybe that post scrolled to a prior page?

Thanks Roberto for the Dog Mail Art that I rec'd from you.  I love it...it's so much fun to see dog art.  I have your Dog Mail Art posted over on my blog...  http://wwwStampingCrazy.blogspot.com  if anyone would love to check it all out.  Love how you drew your dog on a map for the background.  Very interesting.



Hi Laura,

I think this is yours... I rec'd today in the mail with a "Find me on IUOMA Idaniels275?"

And also I got your Dog Art Mary in the mail today too.  I have both pieces of art over on my blog for all to see...


This is so much fun.  Love my dog and love all your dogs too.

Robin   ~woof~

Still waiting for Judy's and Helga's exchanges.....
Woohoo I sent Doggy Art out today! Watch your mail.

Received this piece from Helga Deb..."Bailey"

thank you Helga...the photo is great and your textures on the card are awesome!

Looks like it got a little rip in the mail. She's fun. And we let her carry in the mail. Hahaha




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