The First Ever South African Mail Art Exhibition NEEDS a celebratory Zine or Three.

I have organized the first ever Mail Art Exhibition in South Africa which opens on 15th October 2012 and runs until 4th November 2012. In celebration, I am launching a Zine - title -

Mail Art makes the World a Town.

This is an open call for this collaborative Zine. Details:


Mail Art makes the World a Town. (To be interpreted at the artist's discretion) 


21cm x 15cm (portrait) (A5)

(allow 1.5 cm for binding if you feel it will interfere with your design)

 Number of pages:

25 + (2) = 27


End of August.

  • Assembled  copy to participants. 
  • Please mail 27 copies to:
  • Cheryl Penn
  • 6 Kiaat Close
  • Glen Anil
  • 4051
  • South Africa

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Replies to This Discussion

Cheryl, I would like to try my hand at this.  If you could post the size in centimeters for the pages (again), I think I can convert them.  Living in the US, we tend to measure things a bit differently!!  Let me make sure I am straight on this:  We submit 27 front and back pages to you, numbered and signed.  I hope I have it straight.  I do like the idea of the quarterly zines.  I am finally going to venture outside of my little box!!!  Thank you very much!!

Hello Melanie - thank you for the interest :-) - A5 = 21cm high by 15 wide.  Trust me, the weather is fair outside your/my little box ;-))!! X

Ya casi, ya casi las termino...... la tinta de grabado y la humedad no son buenas amigas JAJAJA!!!!

Hola Samuel - bueno saber de ti - Hace mucho frío aquí - unos 18 grados. Muy contento que está haciendo el Zine - gracias - Espero que estés bien XXX

hey Cheryl,

will you be binding on the long or short side [i need to know which side to leave the 1.5 cm space]?

We can only hope Cheryl is sleeping now, if she ever sleeps. In case you're working tonight, Claire, she plans to bind on the long side ("portrait" style). Glad to know you'll be in there ---


Thanks Nancy - Grrreat timing mon amie!

Thank you Fancy Bell - I need people like you to keep the home fires burning while I DO take a FEW zzzzz's :-))XXX - just a few mind you!

Claire - long side - portrait format :-) X

Angie - YAY!!!! As I said in the book discussion - Zine 2 is filling up fast too - so if you would like a copy of Zine 3, while the world town dances in your head, put pen and WHATEVER to paper - thank you everyone :-) X

Making my pages... I hope I can send them soon...

Colder here: 3º o 4º  this morning... :( 




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