Please put up your work as you go so we can all be inspired and excited :-)!

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;-)  Sure Lisa! xxx

My heavens! I stopped by from vispo greeting cards to be completely, completely floored by the new postings.

Vispo-tatoes & po-chops from Lisa. But it's a tease. Can't wait to see what's inside - looks high-concept and beautifully executed starting with the envelope.

Angie! An assemblage vispo box! For real? Haptic vispo? This is nothing short of history being made.

It IS. The page on the right especially knox my sox off, I LOVE it.

This too.  Text interrupted by morse code.


I need help.
I've been away for six months.
My father was ill, suffered a heart attack, and to take care of it.

I'm going back to do mail art, responding delays correspondance ,, putting things in days.
I want to participate in this project, but do not know how.

How I do?

Thanks and greetings from Brazil!

Alexandre - I will have left you a message.

I stayed up late working because Angie's assemblage inspired me. Yeah, I think "altered text" - written over book pages - is fair game for vispo.

A definite WOW, Sloan! that page/text of "Mound Island" with all your marks and dots is super vispo!

'hoping to see it in Book One? yes?yes?

(And in your moments of inspiration during the late night hours....any sign of Cervantes? ;-)

Thanks! I've settled on using the pages in book 1. The page you mention is altered text. I tried to make the edit marks look asemic. The words that aren't cancelled make a strange Da Da poem. Tic Tac got me into altering book pages a while ago. It's interesting to experiment with:

Ja(ckson) Po(llock) 4 collab vispo book




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