Once in a while, I receive Add and Pass items and don't know who is into receiving them after me who will send them on...

Please list here if you are into Add and Pass currently!

Thanks. :D


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what did it smell like?  lol

I agree, I cannot destroy somebody's work. I was surprised my friend who is very nice would do it. So please do not send me any. Even if they smell like Channel!

Count me in.

To A&P or not to A&P? that is not the question for me anymore, I definitely do not want to participate. Main reason? I am blindly participating, may even be endorsing, something of which I am not aware. How? By adding to an unfinished sheet which may later have material I would abhor, if I had seen it.

So dear friends please do not be upset but no more A&P for me.

Thank you Carla for this group.

I got this, a considered opinion from an old friend

and the piece that hit him:

I Do not like Add and Pass.

But when they arrive I add and pass.

Sometimes immediately and sometimes

awhile later, but on they go.

I do not like them, they are too messy

for my design sensibilities, hahahah

Too many years teaching basic design

and color theory.


I use them. Sometimes I copy them and archive the original. Few are developed enough to archive. Most are thoughtless junk. I really dislike getting thoughtless junk. Needless to mention, most people think I send thoughtless junk. Most people think I have wrecked a masterpiece. I will keep wrecking junk, trying to get it to invite seeing. Win some lose some. I learned 50 years ago to mail away ALL evidence of pieces I've ruined.

I send out 4 pages decorated on each side. They can be used as add/pass. Everything can. It can also be kept together as an artifact. If kept together it will gain value. If broken up and sent in many directions the value vanishes. The most generous thing is to throw it in the recycle bin. Those that are intact will increase in value. As many of us have seen during boring and wrong art history classes, the 28 surviving Vermeer's are priceless. The lessons are in our faces. Open your eyes. Mail art is secret wealth. It is not taxed. It does need to age a bit just like good wine. The subject is of little importance. If it is visual it is better than if it is narrative. The subtleties of a story get lost in history. Vision is always the same. A visual piece will be just as obvious 200 years from now as when it was made. Vision is physiological. Stories are cultural. What do you see changing?

bonjour , je participe souvent à Add&Pass et je serais contente que tu m'en envoie car j'ai toujours des amis MAIL ARTISTES à qui je renvoie. Merci.





I haven't contributed to an a&p work yet, but I'd like to try it out.




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