Once in a while, I receive Add and Pass items and don't know who is into receiving them after me who will send them on...

Please list here if you are into Add and Pass currently!

Thanks. :D


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This is a very good idea Carla. I never have been keen in A&D but now that I make an origami envelope I simply cannot include them, not even postcards. So please do not send me any. A friend of mine recently shredded a lot and made collages with the bits, I cannot do that because it breaks the chain. It would be useful to publish a list of both people who are into them and also of people who are not into them. 

I've received A&Ps which I thought were weird / uninteresting / boring, but I can't bring myself to destroy someone's work that people have thought it's worth paying the postage on! I have one mail-art-friend who just adds ones she's not interested into other mailings, without adding anything herself. It keeps them in circulation. But she's not the only person I know who just puts them on one side for a long, long time before bothering to even do that sometimes. 

In general, I find the A4 sheets of printer paper the least interesting whereas small book / zine things that people have started interest me more. But it does all take time away from other things you might want to be doing, doesn't it?

Mostly I'm at present at a stage of thinking they do me good - a 'challenge'? Mind you, one was sent recently which I couldn't stand the smell of and I turned it around to the person who started it to deal with. Couldn't stand it! That really was too much for me.

what did it smell like?  lol

The sort of thing I think people mean when they say"cheap perfume", but I've also heard people make comments about "bad deodorant" smells. Pretty nauseating.

I agree, I cannot destroy somebody's work. I was surprised my friend who is very nice would do it. So please do not send me any. Even if they smell like Channel!

Count me in.

To A&P or not to A&P? that is not the question for me anymore, I definitely do not want to participate. Main reason? I am blindly participating, may even be endorsing, something of which I am not aware. How? By adding to an unfinished sheet which may later have material I would abhor, if I had seen it.

So dear friends please do not be upset but no more A&P for me.

Thank you Carla for this group.

I got this, a considered opinion from an old friend

and the piece that hit him:

I Do not like Add and Pass.

But when they arrive I add and pass.

Sometimes immediately and sometimes

awhile later, but on they go.

I do not like them, they are too messy

for my design sensibilities, hahahah

Too many years teaching basic design

and color theory.





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