Dear Banana Band,

So happy to make your acquaintence, and wonder if you are aware that there are MANY Anna Bananas in the world. Most just USE the name as a nick-name and haven't gone legal with it , while I made it official (legal change) back in the 80's after having used the name for over 15years.

    I have a number of other anna Bananas in my Encyclopedia Bananica files, and while I personally "bananas, fruity, nutty and completely ape," I can see the need for training of many others, in order to make the world a safe place for all bananas. Thus, the need for a drive for world wide banana consciousness. . . and to that end, wonder if you might entrust me with your special projects and exams that I could use with correspondents, in order to spread the banana consciousness more quickly and evenly around the globe. 

   I have been working at this myself, but now that I know of your group, feel there's a chance that, with group effort, we can spread banana consciousness more effectively. Here's a shot from my most recent event in Edmonton, July 1 this year . . . 

Go bananas, go!

all best from

Anna Banana

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There can ever be one real Anna Banana -- you!

That is why we are paying tribute to you and your work, and making our own small efforts to spread banana consciousness.

And, I feel, to keep alive the banana movement that you founded

The other Anna Bananas are frauds and imposters. We want nothing to do with them.

Bestest, Val

No,no Val, We must welcome them . . . for they aspire to as foolish, silly and nonsensical a place that my own spirit has led me. The more Anna Bananas the better . . . we shall overcome this commercialized culture with our banana spirits.

and you have taken the first heroic step towards legalizing Anna Bananaism with the accompanyment of official drivers' licences, passports, deeds and mortgages, but not marriage certificates; now, there's the rub 


can I take it from Katerina B Nikoltsou that there is now an international Banana Day?  is it the same day as Robert Filliou's birthday? 

Hello Anna Banana,

you are definitely the No.1 !

'Loved the performance you did in Maastricht and all the 

banana-art you do. You will surely be on my "Banana Day",

August 27, mailing list!

xxx Katerina

Hi Katherine,

Thanks for your  encouraging note . . . I'll look forward to receiving your banana art Aug. 27.

OH YES OH YES, please lead us your most wise and banana woman.  Show us Banana Art we have never seen.  Part the Red C Banana skins so that we may cross into Banana Land.


oh Dean, Leadership is not my game, so I'm afraid you'll have to do the parting of the Red C yourself, and reach the promised land on your own steam . . . though I might provide a few banana skins along the path to aid your slippery passage.

I could never be an Anna Banana, will a Marthanana do? Does it help that now I live in Cloudcuckooland?

I read in your interview in Kairan 16 that you are trying to sell your collection of Mail Art, so how much will we get on our contributions to your projects?

I thought Mail Art was against the commercialization of art but it seems that everybody is at it now. Today I received an invitation by Redfoxpress to buy a compilation of Fluxus graphic poetry for 70 euros. It went to the spam folder straight away.

Hello Martha,

Being "bananas" doesn't mean using banana in your name, as you are no doubt aware.

I have not, in fact, been "trying to sell" my collection of Mail Art . . . but would like to establish a committment from an institution to accept and make it available for research. As to "selling" one's collection of mail art, it seems to be a pipe dream, and the only one I know who HAS sold part of his collection (mail-art zines, catalogues and books) is John Held, to MOMA , who claimed it was the cataloguing they were actually paying for. Personally, I don't see this as "commercialization," but preservation, and it's something I think we all face, whatever solutions we come up with.

 I have kept, and value all the mail-art I have received over the 42 years since I first stumbled into the network in 1971, and would hate to see it go into the dumpster when I am not here to oversee it. THUS, I hope to see it institutionalized so that in the future, this international gift economy can be recognized and appreciated beyond those who practice it. Even to ship it to some institution would be very costly, thus the question of money arises. But, beyond all that, Martha,  what is YOUR idea/plan for what to do with YOUR collection when you no longer exist? It's a question we all have to answer, sooner or later, and at 72, I am concerned.

All best wishes,  Anna Banana

well Anna I am 73 and what happens when I am gone to any thing of mine worries me not. My own mail art can be dispossed off as any other effimera because that is what it is. Clinging to anything only brings suffering.

Well, Martha, Glad to know you are not suffering, and to make your acquaintence. Ahhh, it's so good to be reminded that some lily white, pure individuals are still about in the world . . . I guess that's why the shopping trolly . . . it's the only thing that keeps you from floating off with the angels!

   You are surely aware of what happens to bananas of a 'certain age," we show our true color; black as Toby's arse; filled with commercial greed and evil intentions to corrupt our perfect mail art world. But inside that black skin? Just as pure and white as yourself! What do you say to that? Oh, the suffering!

                          Confusion reigns! 

Dear Anna, we talked about this when you were in Maatsricht last year. I said that I would love to help you catalogue/organise/sort out etc your historical collection, but, alas, there was no way that i could get to Canada to do it -- even if you did offer to provide tea and doughnuts (or something similiar: I forget) for cleaning your windows.

If you are fund raising, I'm prepared to make a (modest) financial contribution to securing the future of your archives. They should not, nay, they must not, be trashed.

Perhaps others could raise funds too?

Regards, Val (aged 65 2/3rds) 




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