To answer this question, we would like to have a definition of poetry and we would like it to be a universally accepted definition. GOOD LUCK!

I nearly had a stochasm merely thinking about what is/isn't poetry.

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The example, DADApoem001.jpg was generated by the MS DOS program DADApoem by Alex Chachanashvili who along with y'r ob't s'v't was a member of the Lost in Wallpaper Poets in the Dreamworld BBS hosted by Bill Paulauskas. The risque language derives from the word lists which 'shipped' in a ZIP archive with the EXE file. I can now run it on my Win7 Home Premium 64-bit box using DOSbox.

I also have TRAVESTY which appeared in a 1985 issue of Scientific American and which I ran on various MS DOS machines and compiled into the form which I now have.

And BABBLE by Korenthal Assoc.

and NAMEGRAM the anagram generator.

And others.

Y'r ol' Bud,


Didn't know you had a closet loonie, DID YOU!!!???


Stop me before I transmogrify again!

Hey, 'ML'!

WOW! I'm surprised and pleased to know y'r another text 'mangler'. Most of the programs I have are open source and MS DOS. The only one that I recall being 'closed source' is BABBLE by Korenthal Associates. AND... I 'spek they hain't done anything to/with it for many years. I'll send you a disk with my 'suite' of 'manglers'.

Gee, back when I was publishing TRANSMOG [~1991-1996] you probably would have fit right in. I even had some 'famous' authors, David Antin and David Moser as well as many from our microzine world.

I'll look up "AN".

I also run Linux [ubuntu 12.04] but don't have any software for text generation running on it. When I retired in 2001, I thought linguistics wd be a 'natural' as a hobby for me... until I [tried to] read some. It was jargonized gobbledegook as far as I c'd see. I also had a lustful dreamwish for an all-purpose text mangling software but decided I was not really a programmer. I'd looked into the ICON programming language since it advertised itself as good for handling text but 'not...programmer'

I'll send you a buncha stuff.

Do you like the blues? I LOVE John Fahey's solo, 12-string, primitive American music.

Y'r o'l Bud,



links to many poetry generators. I have yet to plumb the links to see if any are open source or under what OS[s] they run.

Fike! Stochasm, it is serious. Only cure, I am told, is to sit quietly and let it emanate onto the page.

A thought: thinking is not poetry.



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