How Can We Get More Of The ATC Rebels Involved In Exchanges?

There are so many artists that are part of this group, but unfortunately we just have a handful that trade.

So, what would you like to see from ATC Rebel that would entice you back?

If you have decided that this group is not for you, and you no longer want to be a part of trades, please take a minute and "un- join" the group. Everyone will understand; life goes on.

I'm anxious to hear from all our members!!!!

Amy Irwen
MN ATC Rebel

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Great Mary...I will be setting up the swap discussion later and then you can officially sign up..and "yes" you are a member.

Gad you liked my doggie exchange piece..that's near and dear to my heart...
Yeah Angie! Good to hear from you Steph.

Hey, I'm on UKATCs and StampersUK yahoo swap groups plus occasionally do trade in flickr. Amy you can set up a ATC rebel group in flickr not just IUOMA members but others in the site.

I will always spares stashed away in box, just wish I had more time and right environment to make atcs. Some my cards have 3D elements they can't be exactly e-mailed.

I was told by flickr member she uses flowers and butterflies. Most crafters use this theme as life isn't just flowers and butterflies. They are not rebellious enough, I like the style of ATCs produced from IUOMA or general mailartist as it seem fresh like looking inside of their soul.

If you look in mine all you see is chaos. I'm influenced by current song in my head and recent anime I've seen.

Yes..a song/music theme would he fun..Angie I think you also mentioned that theme as well....
I wonder if it should be the same would be fun to see all the different interpretations...

Hello Everyone,  I was just accepted to this group (thank you very much), but navigating this site is a little overwhelming.  What's the procedure for signing up for trades?  Is there a list, and where do I find it?

Hi can send to anyone under the Rebel ATC might want to put up a comment asking if anyone is interested in exchanges....I am sure you will find several! can send some out to the more active members as an will get several ATCs in response...

There is also a Buddy Jam Discussion Group that is still of the discussion page... we have a list of active members who are all quite happy to participate...

Have fun....I will send you an ATC in the next couple of days to get you started !!!


Hi Shelly. I am intersted in exchange

Amy, I'm going to send every person in this group an ATC by the end of the year...hopefully.  I had o start somewhere, so I started w/the members close to home, then I'll move on to Canada, Mexico, and beyond...

Shelly you are ambitious like I was...but then there less than 50 members...I think I would start with the ones that are current posters..
You will get a better response. Justy two cents...I don't think I got very many responses....happy creating to you!!!!
I would love to exchange completed atcs with anyone interested. I'm in Canada and will trade anywhere. No need to pick a theme, 2/2 or 3/3.

me too, I am interested : )


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