I have a question about blog entries: Is there a limit on image uploads?

I added five images to my entrie via upload. As I wanted to add the sixth one the system asked me for an URL.

Can anybody explain it? Thanks in advance!

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I found a solution, but it's really complicated. I hope there is a better possibility ...

The basis upload had a limit of 5 per time. If you use the flash application to upload the limit is set to 50 each time (to prevent massive uploads by members).

There is no maximum limit over the days and years. The current database behiond this IUOMA website is about 70 GBytes already and is archived on a frequent basis.

As a mega-blog jammer, I have found there is a limit to how much you can load into an IUOMA blog, although some of it seems to have to do with how much text you include.

I have had blogs with as many as 18 images. I have had several blogs that just wouldn't take any more material. So then I just do a Part 2.

I found a way to post many, many images on a blog,

though I usually have to write the text first and then return to upload the photos.

ning usually allows about 6 or so photos before that "url" notice goes up.


scroll down the blog page, and hit at bottom left: "save as draft".

Wait a minute, and it will say that it is a draft. Then you can post many, many

of images, and lots of text...

when finished, go down to "publish" and the blog is up and ready. :-)

But not to have too long and lengthly blogs, I, too, make a Part 2 or Part 3 , etc.

Those are good tips. I tend to be text-heavy, and it seems to cut me off fast if there's a lot of text.

NBS is actually a super-jamma. But were even her big ones much over 20 images?

We'll have to keep an eye on who is the Master Jamma Blaster.

Good discussion. I never lost a blog from the overload. That's the thing. And. yes, keep saving!

Mail Art Martha may be the Super Blog Jammer!

There are AT LEAST 60+ images of mail art at her:

Mail Art Gallery in the Clouds

Once the blog is "published" , it is always possible to 

return to your blog, hit "options" and then "edit" and

then you can add on images and texts as many and as often as you wish.

June 25, 2019 - adding my problem to this older discussion on blog post images. See screen shot below - instead of my first photo being displayed, a small photo icon is there. When icon is clicked on, photo comes up. 

I tried a couple of things:

  • Deleted photo, saved blog post, went back into blog post, uploaded photo again, saved. 
  • Studied HTML to see if there was a problem.
  • Spoke a few swear words (haha!)

Any ideas, or help would be much appreciated!  Thanks!! Jayne

(p.s. - this has happened to two recent posts)


My images also did appear as empty tiny icons. Yesterday I clicked on one and then clicked edit and changed the size. After that the next images (same size as the ones that did not upload ) uploaded correctly. Still working fine today.




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