I'm downsizing. Still sorting through what I have, but probably a lot of rubber stamp art, most sent in swaps, so no postmarks. I also have some correspondence art postcards--some made with rubber stamps, some hand-drawn, some fluxus--that do have postmarks. I may have atcs of all styles and media and maybe add and pass projects and address lists sent from mail art shows. 

I hate to toss art, but I can't keep it all. I don't even know the ethics of it all. I mean, no one writes something really private on a postcard. The add and pass projects were started for me with the understanding that I would keep the art, without making copies or anything like that. I suppose I could black out addresses. 

Ideas? Advice? Thanks!

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Good Grief Cynthia, no one has responded.

So by now, a year later almost, what did you decide to do?

I got the university I used to be affiliated to take a big box of

my archives for their special collections, but they don't seem

to be interested in any more. I have two smaller boxes collected

now. I'm feeling the same way. What to do with our received mail.

I even have a box of someone else's collected mail from one person

AND that person sent me back a number of cards that I sent to HER.

Really difficult when one is trying to be minimal which is

why I do mail art so I can make art and mail it away, not have to

find storage for my own art in my house.

I'm going to check with a local community collage. Maybe I can

do a free workshop and then give them my archives.

oooh tricky. 

I'll let you know if I have any luck


Richmond, VA


I decided to tackle it another day and it's still sitting here. Except I'm not sure where, but when I find it, I'm considering seeing if artists--especially new ones--might want one really cool complete project instead of trying to find someone to take a lot of it. 

Thanks for the answer! 

Sending you a message. I used to be in a group with you :)

I've cleared house contents of several of my relatives, including pieces of art. In some cases, it's taken time to track down the right place to donate things to, but in each case it's been worth it.

I'd start with any art galleries and museums which have art collections within your own state, but at the same time look at the big galleries, too. Donations can make them interested where a purchase might not. To do this, you need to have scanned images / photos and lists of everything.

I'd also 'advertise' everywhere you can within the mail art world (including social media groups). There will be mail-art-makers who'd value a donation and give it a good home. 

Depending on where you live, you could think about an exhibition, with the option for people to take a piece away - for free. Places like community centres, libraries, cafes, might be prepared to give you space to show the pieces at no charge.

In the UK most towns have some sort of 'open studios' annual event. This features artists opening up their studio space, but sometimes people collaborate on the use of space, and you might be able to show mail art in something like that - inviting people to take pieces away with them.




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