How do you put an artistamp or faux postage on mail as to not get in trouble with the post office? Here in the US you can actually make real and useable stamps at a couple of sites (which you would think would take the fun outta artistamps). There ARE restrictions however and with artistamps there are NO restrictions. I get that. I just don't want the postage police at my door. So do you put them anywhere BUT the upper right hand corner, on the address side of mail, where REAL stamps go?

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I put mine in the upper right hand corner right next to the real stamps and have never had a problem. Just make sure US postal stamps are in the correct spot.

I could've gone down to the PO and asked but it's good to hear from another mail-artist on how artistamps actually work when putting them various places on a piece of mail. Thanks!

   If I dont have a special made rubber stamp for the artistamp I also put them on the upper right corner just to have them cancelled by the post office, never a problem in Sweden even if I put the real stamps on the back of the envelope wich is quite cool as they often only cancelle the artistamps.

I too will put them up in the right hand corner near the official USPS stamps, but often will place them elsewhere on either the front or back or both sides of mail.  Sometimes they get cancelled with the USPS postage, sometimes not.  Have fun!

Mostly computers and machines do the cancelling.

They do checks on correct postage for a percentage of the mail......

No police has been here in the last 34 years..... I do get a bill on unsufficient postage now and then though...

Ruud Janssen

Thanks for all the replies to my question about where to put artistamps! The USPS's own Global Forever stamp doesn't even look real. ;-) It's a round sticker stamp for first-class international mail to any country. So... I'm guessing anything, anywhere is OK. Well, as long as it isn't offensive. That's a whole other discussion. ;-)

Here is an example kindly scanned by the recipient (an IUOMA member) which shows that the Artistamp has been cancelled both by me (I hold Mailer's Postmark Permit No.1 for the Deadwood, SD post office) and at the destination post office in Russia.







Wonderful cancellations and artistamps, love to see post offices cancell artistamps.

According to the USPS DMM (Domestic Mail Manual) most artistamps and faux psotal markings are technically prohibited. It all depends on how closely (of if) your mail is scrutinized. For the most part as long as you're not doing anything criminal (avoiding paying postage) or applying markings that require specific service (i.e. Registered) my experience has been that most stuff will be fine. You can read the DMM sections 1.3 and 1.4 here:

i often put them where the "real" stamps go, and I've never had any issues with the postage police. I think as long as you have the correct amount of real postage on your envelope/package, you've got nothing to worry about.

That said, I have also  used them on the back of envelopes, as seals.


I tend to mix them up on the right with the real stamps - no problems so far.

Sometimes I receive covers and the real stamps are on the bottom left. (see lower image).



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