Mail-artists are making astonishing breakthroughs in Trashpo, and they are recognized through the TrashPo Litzer Prize. Nominations for the TrashPo Litzer Prize (based on the idea of the Pulitzer Prize) can be made by anyone. Please post scans and the name of the artist in this thread. Over time, we can have a gallery of historic Trashpo.

"The Committee" - a panel of international Trashpo experts under the direction of KDJ - reviews nominations and officially announce recipients. Names of those awarded the Trash Po-litzer are emblazoned upon The Landfill of Fame for eternity, and they enjoy all rights and privileges that accompany this honor.

Diane Keys (DK) received a TrashPo Litzer Prize for the "Pork Series." This brought Trashpo off the street and into the supermarket. "Pork Series" built an important bridge to biopoetry, meat poetry, and the recognition that shopping lists are one of the highest forms of art in the 21st century. Bravo DK!


One in a Pork Series


DKULT Chapters


DKult29 aka H.Y.E.N.A.

DKULTBRO - Brooklyn, NY

D-Kleveland (Cleveland, Ohio)

DKULTHQ - Elgin, Illinois

DKULTFLA - Florida

DKULTIL - Illinois



DKULTJOEY - California (Joey Patrickt)


DKULTMASS - Massachusetts

DKULTMINN - Minnesota


DKULTHAM - New Hampshire

DKULTJER - New Jersey

DKULTNY - New York

DKULTNOCAL - Northern California


DKULTPA - Pennsylvania

DKULTSOCAL - Southern California

DKULTX - Texas

DKULTVA - Virginia

DULTWA - Washington State

DKULTWI - Wisconsin


DKULTAN - Antarctica

DKULTOZ - Australia



DKULTFIN - Finland

DKULTFRA - France (currently part of DKULTJER)

DKULTGR - Greece

DKUNST - Germany

DKULTHUN - Hungary



DKULTN - Netherlands

DKULTPOR - Portugal

DKULTPU - Puerto Rico

DKULTRO - Romania



DKULTUK - United Kingdom


DKULTET (Extraterrestrial) - Lucky Pierre, special alien liaison







Visual poet Jim Leftwich invents Trashpo

Trashpo appears on textimagepoem




Trashpo by Jim Leftwich appears on Fluxlist Europe




Diane Keys becomes fascinated with roadkill art and debates Rain Rein Nevermind about the role of recycling in art


DKult is founded


Diane Keys curates the First International Trashpo Exhibition. (Opened January 15th, 2013 and was up at least until Feb 1 2013 at Elgin City Hall. Then it appeared at the Green Expo at The Center of Elgin in May 2013.)


Diane Keys presents a Trashpo performance at Fluxfest Chicago

 List of Trash Po-litzer Prize Recipients:

(chronological order - 2011)




Diane Keys "Pork Series"

Richard Canard "Bran Cereal"

Angie Cope "This is not cheese this is art"

Batgirl "Mummified Cereal Box"

Dark wall "Fake DK shopping list"

Hamburg coffee cups (artist unknown)

Helen Amyes "emu crushed can"

KDJ "Alpo Chop House"

Judith Heartsong "Scavenger Art"

Diane Keys for invention of the Trash Book "Ancient Text" (second award)

Thom Courcelle "Toothache Trash Book"

Katerina Nikoltsou "choco glam trashpo cerealism"

Erni Baer "air trashpo"

Stewart Charlebois "Old Dutch" Canadian junk food trashpo

Prettylily (Sue Bowen) Recycling Trash Book (meta-trash, litterature)

Nancy Bell Scott for invention of the Aesthetic Trash Book

Cheryl Penn invention of the Aesthetic Trash Book

Marie Wintzer (Litterature, Non-Friction) for blog post "A trash book without trash - from Nancy Bell Scott"

Dark wall - "Shroud of Elgin"

Lesley Magwood-Fraser (sardine/pilchard labels & best supporting trashpo)

Grigori Antonin (condom trashbook and contributions to cerealism)

Diane Keys - "Po White Trashpo" (third award)

Karen Champlin - asemic trashpo

Marie Wintzer - medical waste trashpo (second award)


Richard Canard - "Found shopping list with annotations" (second award)

Diane Keys - Trashpo Add & Pass (fourth award)

Angie Cope - TrashPo-rk, US Swine map, puking pig (second award)

John M. Bennett - Invention of grocery list Trashpo

Katerina Nikoltsou - Trashbook Homage to John M. Bennett's grocery lists (second award)

Marie Wintzer - "Last shred of dignity" (cut-up clothing) (third award)

Svenja Wahl - Non-friction Litterature for blog: "FINALLY! My D-Koder ring arrived!!!"

Neil Gordon (Official TrashPro Phet) - TrAshemics - sacred trashpo tablets (first award)

Roberto Rios - Trashion - for the design of the DK-Gown

Skybridge Studios & Ray Johnson - Creation of the D-Tatt

Claudia McGill - inanimate furniture Trashpo, trashed furniture temporary installation concept

Not Hi Ng - Invention of audible Trashpo

Carina Granlund - "Trashpoem for Jim [SantAmour]" - first award

Claire Dinsmore (aka Cleo) - "Trashpo Ephemera Folio" - first award

Diane Keys - "Trashpo Selection Process" and "The Making of "Trashpo Selection Process'" - in Trashpo Cinema category - (fifth award)

DharmaDaDa Lynn Radford - "Trashaeology/Survivalist Trashpo" - first award

Yves Maraux - "Gossip Trashcan" - first award

Stephanie Blake - Trash buttons - first award

Claire Dinsmore (aka Cleo) - Trash buttons - second award

Diane Keys (aka DK) - Trash buttons - sixth award

Eduardo Cardoso - Trashbook: Trashometry and the invention of Eduardian Trashometry - first award.


Arac - Innovation & consistent excellence in Cerealism - first award

Dustin Ray Hamby aka Dustin de Wind - Designer Trashmas ornaments for display on the Elgin Mansion tree - first award

Stephanie Blake - "Shrinky Dinky Key Chains" - innovation in Trashpo marketing - second award

Not Hi Ng O.T.M. - "Dustin de Wind Theme Song" - advances in audible Trashpo & TrashTech & Trashemic Music - second award

Diane Keys - Elgin Trashpo Exhibition Video - Trashpo Cinema (seventh award)

liketelevisionsnow - innovation and practice of Trash-and-Pass - (first award)

Vizma Bruns - Feminist Trashpo - Trashbook (first award)

Diane Keys - Invention and implementation of the Trashquilt (eighth award)

Rebecca Guyver - Invention and implementation of the Trashquilt with special recognition for innovation in fused plastic Trashpo - (first award)

XXXX (Unknown Mail-Artist) - The Amsterdam DKult bandaged finger scannerpo ritual performance (first award)

Borderline Grafix (aka Biggy G) - Outstanding contributions to D-Konomics including but not limited to regularization of D-Kurrency, DKULTNY Silver Spoon certificates, contributions to DKULTX (Texas) regional "Great Push Forward" D-Konomy strategic plan (first award)

Neil Gordon - Excellence and contributions to the creation of the trashquilt (second award)

Carina Granlund - "Trashpo Love Lottery" (second award)

Cardboard Lamborghini - "The Sloth" - innovation in Cerealism - Special Awards Category - (first award)

5Blanks (Cristina) - "DKunst Portrait of DK" and accompanying Trash Sermon (first award)

Thom Courcelle - "Office Trashpo" (second award)

Carina Granlund - Invention of the Trashrug & creation of Trashpo Housewares (third award)

meeah williams - Contributions & innovation in the theory & practice of Lintopo (first award) (Endorsed by the Fork Lint Society)

Diane Keys (9th award) and Dan Mouer (first award) - "Trashpo Inkblot Test" (collaborative Trashpo)

"Trashtalking Trashpo of the Litigious Lurkers" - Most Bizarre Mail-art event of 2013 (Erni Baer police investigation)

Rebecca Guyver (second award) - KDJ Trashpo Tribute


Diane Keys (10th award) - #1 Top Trash Glam Accessory Spokesmodel (& Official DKULTNY Spokesmodel)

Carina Granlund (fourth award) - Trashpo Bling, Trashpo accessories (Trashion)

Angie Cope (third award) and Snooky the Amazing Mail-Art Dog (first award) - 2013 Elgin Mansion Christmas Decorations (also in D-Kanine Category)

Dan Mouer (second award) - Official 2014 Dkult Trashpo Spokesmodel (shared with Diane Keys) - Special Awards Category

Mean Sheena (first award) and Diane Keys (11th award) - DKult is the Shit Swag Bag (video and mail-art) - Trashpo Cinema Category

Eduardo Cardoso (second award) for design of the first D-Kult tee-shirt, selfless service as DKult/Trashpo moveable billboard & performance piece and as President of DKult Portugal

Alicia Starr (first award) - Trailer Park Trashpo - The DKult Nation - Litterature

Rain Rien Nevermind (first award) - Recycling Mail-Art - Lifetime Achievement

Fake Fine Art (first award) - Trashpop - Trashpo Parody

Mail-Art Martha (first award) - Maximum Strength DKult and advances in DKult medicine and psycho-therapy. Endorsed by THE CLINIC

PetrolPetal (first award) - Innovations in Cerealism and aesthetic Trashpo

Mail-Art Martha (second award), Rebecca Guyver (third award), Gina Ulgen (first award), E. Coles (first award) - Outstanding Achievement and Excellence in Trashpo by DKULTUK in 2014

Wendy Rogers (first award) founding of DKULTANT (DKult Antarctica)

Moan Lisa (first award) - "12 Pack Trashpo" & service to DKULTIA (DKult Iowa)

David Stafford (first award) and KDJ (second award) - "KDJ Portfolio" - video by David Stafford (Trash Cinema category) featuring art by KDJ

Not Hi Ng (third award) - "Miracle Mind Mender" - a safe, non-intrusive alternative to the PMM (Personality Modulation Machine)

meeah williams (second award) - "American Trashflag"

An. U. - Excellence in the art of the aesthetic Trashbook & outstanding service to DKULTVIA (DKult Latvia)

Richard Canard (third award) - DK Trashpo erasure - innovation in Trashpo

Diane Keys (12th award) - "Trashies" product concept - nomination by Mail-Art Martha (DKULTUK)

liketelevisionsnow (second award) and Diane Keys (13th award) for the DK glitch art video documentary, directed and produced by ltvs (Cinema Trashpo)

Mail-Art Martha (third award) for the WalMarth Trash-A-Dent oral hygiene device

Roberto Bergamo (aka The Man Who Saved DKult Xmas) - Creation of the Official 2014 DKULT XMas Tree - aka the Miracle of Christmas 2014 - following the debacle of the Elgin Hubcap Tree and its destruction by vandals (first award)


Mail-Art Martha (fourth award), Neil Gordon (third award), Lucky Pierre (first award) and KDJ (third award) for participation and audition materials submitted to the 2015 Official DKult Trashpo Spokesmodel Search. Official 2015 models are Mail-Art Martha and Neil Gordon. Lucky Pierre is Alien Liaison. KDJ is runner up.

Lucky Pierre (second award) for alien abduction/spokesmodel audition video (Trashpo Cinema category)

Borderline Grafix (second award) for the creation of the DKult/Trashpo fanzine issued by the Dkult Fanzine Press in affiliation with DKult Texas

Erica Durante (first award) in her role as President of Dkult New Jersey for diplomacy and tact in the resolution of the Meeah Williams deportation incident and the formation of DKult Brooklyn

FinnBadger (first award) for excellence and innovation in the art of the Trashbook

Tomoe N. (first award) trash pill box and other contributions to conceptual Trashpo and recycling

Mail Art Martha (fifth award) for Walmarth Corporation

Ruud Janssen (first award) for stamps in support of Trashpo including DKULTN

Cascadia Artpost (first award) extraordinary support and development of Walmarth Corporation

RES for Myth of DKult (Pseudo-DKult) (first award)

Diane Keys (13th award) and Rebecca Guyver (4th award) for the creation of and contributions to DKULT Doodle Therapy

Dan Mouer (3rd award), Lucky Pierre (3rd award), and Figgy Guyver (first award) for contributions to DKULT Doodle Therapy

Mick Boyle for service in the greater glorification of DKULT and DK (first award)

Grace Sanford for her first Trashpo composition and the Spontaneous Schwitterspo Forum it inspired

Meeah Williams for the article "MEEAH WILLIAMS DOES NOT EXIST" published in the DKULTBKLYN (aka DKULTBRO) fanzine (third award)

Jim Leftwich for the groundbreaking "Trashemic Essays" (Litterature) (first award)

Lucky Pierre for the video Trashpo Outpost (Trashpo Cinema category) (fourth award).

Mail Art Martha (sixth award) for the creation of the Trashpie.


Diane Keys (14th award), David Stafford (second award), Unknown Mail Artist for Fake Jim Leftwich

Joey Patrickt (first award) for formation of DKULTJOEY

Phyllis Steen (first award) for application material leading to being named 2016 Official Trashpo/DKult Spokesmodel

Borderline Grafix (third award) for "Meeah Williams Baby Picture Issue" of fanzine published by the DKult Fan Club Press

Gerda Osteneck for exhibition of the Monkey Trashbots

Ross Priddle for "Trash Eye" image contributions to DKULTCAN (Canada)

Diane Keys (15th award) for Trashpo performance art at the 2016 Chicago Fluxfest

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The following message has been approved by KDJ:

I am pleased to report that THE COMMITTEE has voted unanimously to award the TrashPo Litzer Prize to Diane Keys for her historic Trashpo performance at the 2016 Chicago Fluxfest.

Historic meeting of DK and John M. Bennett at Chicago Fluxfest:




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