I'd like to hear other members' opinions on something. Would you rather be asked if you would like to receive an add & pass, or would you rather just have them arrive in your mailbox without warning? 

It would be nice to hear from as many people as possible. 

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I am new to this site and was a little confused by the lack of rules.  I have been swapping mostly ATCs since Yahoo groups in the late 1990s.  Somewhere around 2006, I joined swap-bot (original member) and have been swapping there since.  Those swaps have lots of rules.  You have a deadline and very specific rules.  If you don't make your swap according to the rules and send by specified date, you get a low rating...too many low ratings and no one will swap with you.

I am liking the idea of just sending stuff and not worrying about having to rate or even keep up with what was sent.  I am one of those who just received an add & pass and was totally confused by what I was supposed to do with it.  Thanks to the discussions I have figured out that it doesn't really matter what I do with it...lol.  :-)  That does open the door to unlimited creative process.  

Totally agree with you Ramona. The lack of parameters is freeing!

I'm happy for them just to be sent along - its always a lovely surprise. 

At this stage in my journey I love getting things unexpectedly in the mail, but I can see it could become relentless.  Perhaps there should be some sort of white flag or stop sign when you've had enough.

I love surprise mail!  

I would like the surprise!

Would like to know this as well.  I am new to the group and Thank you Carolyn Cline and Kay Enderes I a have a bunch of A&P's and am not sure exactly what to do with these and who to send to next.

I love getting surprise mail, and if no objection, will check this feed and forward to those of you who say they like surprises too.

I’ll always take any you wanna send !!

I would assume that anyone in the group (including me) would love to get your add and passes. Just click on a picture of a member and get the address that's on their page. Then mail on! 

Surprise is always good. I don’t always get into this site.




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