I've done add and pass swaps before and love them. In those swaps, we passed a postcard from one person to another through the mail, using a predetermined online list. I am a bit unclear on the process here about who sends to who.

I understand that something is uploaded to the group for others to print out and add to but then what happens? Does one person (or many?) print, add to, then send to others for their additions, or does a person print, add to, then send back to the owner?

I guess I don't know what to do with something once I print it out and add to it.

Also, I received an add and pass from Felicia Patxot within days of my signing up. I have no idea who or where she is as I can't find her on IUOMA. I have completed the add and pass and want to pass it on but not sure if she got my address from this group. I can't imagine where else it would have been. Who do I send it to for more additions?

I hope my questions are not too confusing. Thanks so much for any help. I appreciate it! I'm looking forward to doing adds and pass here.

Terry Owenby

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Print the page out (others will, too... there may be several in circulation at the same time, but they are all different because everyone adds something different to it). Then, go to the members area of this group and pick someone. Send them the page after you have added to it. (Just check their profile for their addresses).

This is not a scheduled group. It's mostly just a 'do as you will' type of thing.

Hope this helps.

Prairie Kittin, thanks a million for your response to my questions!! You have answered all of them!  I appreciate it. Terry

HI Terry,

As you know, add/pass swaps can work via a pre-arranged order, but in my experience they are more often somewhat random in terms of who you send to once you've added. Clearly, there are folks in this group who ask "who wants this next" and others who say "you can send to me"--but I don't think there's any law or rule (written or otherwise) that limits (or decrees) who you send add/pass works to once you're done.

One of the advantages of the 'random' approach is that you'll often get add/pass sheets with addresses of folks you'd never meet otherwise. It's a great way to widen your circle.

Sometimes people will gather a few addresses of mailartists more or less at random from the internet (eg IUOMA), and that may be how Felicia Patxot (whoever that is) found you. Or maybe Felicia got sent an add/pass with your address on it, and she reached out. But I'm guessing.

I think it's fair to say that one can send an add/pass to any mailartist; if they're not interested in participating (for example, if they only do ATCs) they will simply pass it along to someone else.

Have fun, and you pretty much can't go wrong.

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