Hello, what are your favorite types of mail art to receive? What is your leave favorite kind?

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Oh! I love living things:  animals of all kinds, anything under water (including mermaids), anything in the garden or the jungle or the desert, people with faces, people having fun, people who are happy. Frida2.jpg and places that I want to go, things I want to do!!!!I love your art, Cherub.  Really!

yes. me too, people without faces scare me.

I have rarely received anything I didn't like.  Funny and creative things really tickle me like a postcard with a hole in it and a "Black hole transit pass" in the package--still chuckling about that one-- or things that are folded and expand as pop ups.  I love the thought that goes into those things I guess. 

ATCs, homemade stickers, artistamps, letters, jam ATCs, decorated envelopes, emphemera to use on projects

I'm interested in starting to collect artistamps. But I love to find anything and everything in my mailbox! The surprise aspect is the most fun for me. The creativity of mailart is such a force for good in this world.

Recycled art, stickers (and other emphemera), "blingy", animals, postcards, your creativity. Really haven't received anything I didn't like.

The kind of mail art I make depends on the day.  I get bored easily and try different things constantly.  I like to paint but I like to use pen and ink, too.  I like to do doodles and zentangles but I like to draw people, dogs or lakes, too.  So what leaves my house surprises me as much as it surprises the recipients.  I have a bit of an attention deficit!  

The unexpected.

Favourites*: collages and anything except for...

Least favourite*: add-and-pass

(* with a 'u')


any expression of art is welcomed 

it's important for anyone to share and know each other.

the randomness is what I enjoy the most. Creative minds at work.  I make collage postcards from found papers and cutouts of old Mag's. That being said, I am gleeful at every trip to the mailbox . All types of mailart envelopes postcards atc's add & pass. it's ALL wonderful.

I love unusual and unexpected things, art pieces that someone really put their soul into, and humor, of course! I like Add & Passes because they keep moving and I can do anything with them.

I don't like porn or gore. 




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