Hello! New around here and I received a comment on a blog post I did referring to the mail art "TrashPo" and recycled treasures-all from renowned prolific and definitely 'treasurable' artist Richard Canard of Carbondale...all of which I sincerely DO treasure (and thanx for the comment!)...almost as much as I treasure being a total word geek! So I ask the IUOMA ether: what is it? I would much appreciate a bit of guidance here! Thanks, Hilary.

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Well HA HA HA HA I'm a newbie, bear with me here! Are you truly whom you claim to be or is this just another MA prank? Either way I'm into it. Congrats on your contract, or should I say my condolences? Have fun with me. I've not a clue what I am doing here yet...


I found the link to the comment with the faustian contract:


Later I even did the legendary "DKult is the shit" t-shirt. :D I still use it once in a while.

You can find more info about DKult on the group All Things Trashpo:


wish i was an initiate..

Me too!

Wait-what exactly is an "initiate?"


At least now you know you know more than I do!

I'm beginning however to be a little more patient and to listen and observe like a good student and not run my mouth on any topic on any kind of soap box anywhere online in real time everywhere. At least until further info comes my way-RRRRRR-I just get psyched and then I blab about anything and everything flies past my head, which is in need of some organization too usually as well as many other things I've yet to come upon discover itch to know more about...and look at me now I'm doing it again.

Thanks for the wish, though. A wish is more than nothing, and that is all I know about that.

Happy Season to you and all!





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