.Formerly arac'n'kram who "were looking after this site while Vizma has gone walkabout. We look forward to when Viz re-emerges in NY & meets arac. Until then let's keep the show on the road, folksl"

She's back. And so is the Viz'n'Val roadshow.

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::wanders in::  ooooooh, histology!  my favorite lab in college....although no one told me ahead of time not to chew the paraffin or soak my feet in the xylene... probably explains why each spring I end up with my arm inside a goat's woo-woo.

By the way... has anyone seen a spotted goat wander through here?  I'm missing one... it was last seen cutting the fence in the back pasture around midnight... at least that's what Turkella said...

-vanna <--girl who runs with scissors

Vanna! Nice to have you here!!

Sorry, I haven't seen your spotted goat, but if I do I'll shear it and return it to you!!

Histology!!! Now I have a clue as to what to add to your mail!! I can't imagine how you actually got accepted into college though, if you were so experimental with xylene!! Do you have any feet left in those pretty boots???

Ha, runs with scissors! (Good book by Augusten Burroughs, very funny! "Running with Scissors")


Vanna~Welcome to the freak show and from the sounds of it you came to the right place.  Although very nice to have you I'm afraid I have some bad news.  It's about your "lost" sheep...he's not lost he has actually run away.  He has been looking for his chance ever since the first day of spring, he left a note saying he could not stand a replay of last year. He has already changed his spots, dyed his hair, changed his name and been approved for gender reassignment surgery...so he may be tough to spot in a crowd. Also, just a warning,,,the word on the other sheep is they may all be planning a revolt and Turkella is actually the ring leader.  You may wanna rethink the spring, arm woo woo thing...it is 2012 after all  ;)  HEEHEE

Vizzzz~PBand J...peanut butter and jelly sandwiches of course, the perfect travel food as no refrigeration is required and MY personal fave. ;)  Glad you mentioned the junk...saw the jail bit and actually just sent out some jailmail to you the other day but somehow missed the junk...quite a haul my little hoarder errr collector I mean.  Looks like lots o treasures.  I'm curious about what the 2 tone wooden round thing is by the Top 10 Reasons for Living (I will definitely need this list) and above the koala plates??? Also on the 3rd pic by histology book what is the white square thing that looks like it could go with figures below? and of course...what else was in the car? Running W/Scissors...hilarious and pbly the I believe it to be the best book he's written although the movie left alot to be desired.

The white ice cream container is full of cherub wall hangings, so ugly and kitsch I had to buy them! And the two tone wooden thing is a lathe turned timber with a coconut lid. The koala thing is a biscuit tin. Top 10 is a chocolate lolly tin, and the 10 varieties are the reasons for living. Stupid. We could surely come up with a better list.

1. Making new pals at  IUOMA

2. Receiving mail art.

3. Artspace group. Woohoo

4. Champagne- the drink, not the place.

...over to someone else, I don't want to hog the list.

ps love the pic

Bonjour!I flea-marketed yesterday and got, i) a Harris Tweed numbered (that's important) jacket, that I might wear next winter, ii) some old French envelopes that I will put in the display case in the Mediatheque when Sie(a)nEnvelopes opens this week, iii) (yet another) Polaroid 1000 camera, this one with the original flash unit: my other example comes with flash cubes. Not a very good haul, but the flea season has only just started.I am running out of shelf space in my permanent Installation for all of these cameras. Au revoir!

Bonjour Arac! I'll cycle over on my tandem and collect you., as (alas) the jet is being serviced , ie glued together again, this week.) We might be back in time for the opening on Wednesday. It'll be cheaper than a taxi, and there's no parking problems -- well not the sort that Viz will have with her jet or helicopter.

View from the terrace pics are attached. From the terrace you can see the start of the Corbiere mountains, lots of vine yards, and, if you really, really crane your neck the wetlands/etang in the National Park. As summer seems to have come early, I'm virtuaklly living on the terrace now, with the cats of course;

And thanks for the envelope. The second part of the Exhibition is in August, so if you'd like to send another (any size, any sort as long as it's somehow linked to the theme of 'Summer'), I'd like to receive it. Au revoir! Val


Ten reasons for living* by Val:

i) playing with the cats

ii) spending hours reading the newspaper

iii) listening to rock'n'roll records

iv) cycling/swimming/walking

v) lazing around on the beach in summer or paying with my stamp collection in winter°l

vi) arting (icluding IOUMA-ing)

vii) eating chocolate

viii) writing and receiving letters

ix) avoiding technology

x) making up lists


*How come we have gotten philosophical?

° That's two things Val! No it's not.

Welcome Vanna and the goat! If you still can't find it Bear Vear has probably eaten it.

The baseball hat, Viz, is an Oz World Cup Rugby hat that my Oz sister gave to me in 2007 -- along with an Oz World Cup Rugby shirt -- that I wore when I went to watch Oz play in a World Cup Rugby match in Montpellier. They won -- against Fiji or Samoa (I forget). I wa an Onorable Oz for day. The Red Hat isn't a Santa hat, silly: it's a Greek hat. Ask Katerina N for details. She might lso rell you about the matching slippers and toga that go with it -- but which I don't have ; The slippers come with red pom-poms but I don't have those either [hint].

For some strange known-only-to-IUOMA reason, I'm not getting all of the V&V messges on a regular basis, alas.

That's all for now.

Hello Possum Viz! You are very quiet these days. if you look at the picture 16SigEnv that i posted earlier today you'll see YOUR envelope (in my exhibition). If you want it back, I'm afraid you'll have to pay $555.00 Oz for it. Arac is collecting all the money that I raise in this way. See ya! Val

Oh me miserum!

Easter and no Easter Eggs yet.

And Vizma doesn't seem to be talking to me any more.

I know not why

I wonder if it's because I replaced her wig with Katerina's Greek hat?

No Vizma. No Easter Eggs. 

I'll try another hat photo and see if that brings her back to me.

Oh me miserum!



Oh me miserum on the rocks thanks, bartender.

Here I am, here I am....behiiiind you!! Was I being quiet? That's a first!

Oh yes, I must admit that I'm slightly jealous of Vaterina, you're wearing her hat now, and she's even sent you eggs!! But don't for a minute think that I came back just because you're wearing your granny's hat!! It was your heart-wrenching 8 lines of prose that brought me back!!

More poetry please!




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