who was born December 3, 1948 and passed away December 7, 2012

All are welcome to honor her memory!


December 10, 2012

Photo of Christine, she mailed this in 2008

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A poem in Dutch I have been working on the last 2 days, maybe I’ll translate later but not right now

In Memoriam Christine Anne Tarantino

3 December 1948 – 7 December 2012

Het is haar lach die boekdelen spreekt,

die de lijdende tijd haast overbodig maakt

tussen zwerfkatten en restbeginsels in.

Het lichtdeeltje C,

daar ga ik vanavond mee slapen

om nooit meer mee op te staan

tenzij in een winters oord

van stomgeslagen woorden

als «droom zacht vannacht.»

(ik zal vanaf nu verjaren in haar plaats tot in de dood)

Guido Vermeulen

10-11 December 2012

This is a very sweet poem Guido.  I wish I were that good with words


No entiendo una palabra, pero tuvo que ser maravilloso el conocerla...

Don' worry. Yr words are a ballad toi my favourite dreams of Christine.,

Some of the Mail art from Christine Tarantino to Guido Vermeulen:

More mail art from Christine Tarantino to Guido Vermeulen

One of the treasures in my mail art collection is without any doubt the artist box Christine mailed me around themes close to our heart: POVERTY / MATERIALISM / PREJUDICE / ANIMAL NEGLECT / VIOLENCE

Interrelated themes, makes Christine a social Fluxus artist and those are rare, certainly in the new generation who talks in the name of Fluxus but .... but .... but ....

The box is like a treasure box, layers upon layers of discoveries. It has a special place in my flat since it arrived intact, thank you US and Belgian postal services! (GV)

Excellent. Breathtakingly vivid pics and beautifully Words.

May she rest in peace, this large and powerful soul now departed.  Thank you for this tribute, Guido.  I can see you two were special art friends/soul mates who cared for the world.


A tribute received from Susan Mc Allister, thanks Susan!

RED LIPS for Christine Tarantino from C. Mehrl Bennett--

Posted as Facebook profile pic on Dec 9th, the day I learned of Christine's passing.

Sí que lo siento. Qué belleza perdida. 

All my Lost Love to Christine¡

I hope to Kiss Her in the Sky as I do here with You, Guido.




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