The First Ever South African Mail Art Exhibition NEEDS a celebratory Zine or Three.

I have organized the first ever Mail Art Exhibition in South Africa which opens on 15th October 2012 and runs until 4th November 2012. In celebration, I am launching a Zine - title -

Mail Art makes the World a Town.

This is an open call for this collaborative Zine. Details:


Mail Art makes the World a Town. (To be interpreted at the artist's discretion) 


21cm x 15cm (portrait) (A5)

(allow 1.5 cm for binding if you feel it will interfere with your design)

 Number of pages:

25 + (2) = 27


End of August.

  • Assembled  copy to participants. 
  • Please mail 27 copies to:
  • Cheryl Penn
  • 6 Kiaat Close
  • Glen Anil
  • 4051
  • South Africa

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Count me in.

My first customer! Thanks De Villo :-) X

me too! :-)

Is there any easy way to translate this to whether it's a standard A4 or A5 page? Sorry, I am always dense with this. If not, I can just do cms.

You're right - sorry - A5 - thanks.

This is more fun than selling cookies at the roadside - thanks TICTAC.  Was looking at your stamps today in sheer envy - you're such a clever thing! X

And to be perfectly clear, we submit two pages of actual art (both sides of 1 physical page) X 27 copies.

Many thanks for the inbox messages I am receiving - I think we're well on our way :-) X

I'm in!  watch yr mail


Thank you all :-) - Sue NO PROBLEM - ASK!!! Its generally a lack of clear explanation that creates questions. BUT - you seem to have it - 27 pages double sided, signed, size A5, posted to me.  I will collate the pages and post the participants a zine back.  X

Better confirm here too: count me in.  From what DVS said, we do a double-sided page, and so it's 27 x both sides of the one page?  Am confused.  Again.  Sorry!

Hey Fancy Bell - you can do both sides or one - up to you - eg sign and title the back page - ESPECIALLY you who hand delvers on every page! Most artists as contributors to Zines make an original and copy it - in this instance, 27 times. I will be hand altering - just because I'm a nut.  Tiziana - great - and Marcela and Rebecca - thank you for joining.  X




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