Some people have Brain Cells, others have Fan Clubs, I have HATS!

The various things that adorn my head -- hats, sort of lobsters from Maine, wigs -- will be featured here. I'll change the photos from time to time. In the meantime, please feel free to continue as usual and make all sorts of silly comments about my hats.

SEND ME YOUR HATS! All contributions will be greatly received. All will be featured here.


And here's one for starters.....

PS. My Greek Hat avatar was a present from Katerina N: thank you, Katerina!

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Look what I got at a  flea market last weekend -- a genuine La Poste hat!


It looks brand new! Do you have a jean-suit to go with it?

You'll have to wait until it's my birthday before you see me in a suit of any kind, and even then....

are we talking about a real suit or your "birthday suit"?!?!?

You'll have to see when my birthday comes around!

The latest Hat was a very kind gift from Suus In Mokkum, and is very Dutch.


As is the Johan Cruyff football shirt that i am proudly wearing.

Thanks Johan!

Further Hat Contributions will be greatfully received;







this pic is the winner :))))))))

Wooooow, a real vintage Johan Cruyff shirt. From the legendary year 1974? As the great philosopher Cruyff says: "you have to shoot to be able to score". So pleased that you like the hema-hat-thingy.

PS The photographer who shot the Dutch Hat Thingy and the weird person wearing both it and the No 14 shirt was somewhat inebriated at the time

PPS The weird person wearing the Dutch Hat thingy and the No 14 shirt was also somewhat inebriated at the time

Why is the inebriated person wearing the Dutch hat thingy not wearing any pants? Not saying anything about shoots and scores until you put some pants on, Val.

What are 'pants'?

I wasn't panting, it wasn't that sort of session.

What kind of Mail Artist do you think I am? NO DON'T ANSWER THAT! (at least not on a publid forum)

Or make?!!!




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