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There has to be a time, in the transient and emphereral world of Mail Art, when one has to move on. So perhaps it's time to put Ray Johnson to one side, and focus on someone, more contemporary -- like Mick Boyle? Could he be our next icon?

You know I thought the same thing. I just recently read Jon Foster saying mail artists should get over Ray Johnson. I think I understand his point. Anyway, I hope this show will be enjoyable and I can't wait to see what people do.

yes, please move on, dump johnson, hooray mick!!!!!

Yes Carl, thanks.

I invite mail artists to use this as a means to exorcise all the ghosts of the past and free yourselves from the horrid oppression of Ray and his pernicious worshipers.

This is not hagiography but liberation.

Well, if not Ray Johnson, why not Ray Johnson? Altered, it could be anybody, or anything, not just before, but after adding to . . . you could make that part of your process, or not; Ray could become a rose, an ibex or Massachusetts. Perhaps Ray is invisible, hidden behind some cloak of found objects, ephemera or carrots.

Sure, why not more diversity. You can do that. Make it happen.

Ray could be a cloud, an arrow, a bug or a lightbulb.


I'm not saying I am the next Ray Johnson...but I am not not saying it. :)

Certainly Mick isn't Ray; but absolutely, Ray ain't no Mick Boyle. Mick could be in a school fish eating Ray Johnson or Mick could just be a fish — but if you do, make sure Mick is a powerful fish not to be eaten on by other fish like Ray Johnflounder.

Or this guy with Ray Johnson's eyes [actually all of ray is back there somewhere, he's just being eclipsed.

Keith, can I post this on the blog? (I like it BTW)

Sure. It exceeds your 4x6 parameters, but hey, do I care about parameters? I don't need no stinking parameters.




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