Oh, dear. Have I maybe overdone the grimdark on this one piece?

 Early this afternoon our friend Lamar came to visit, and i showed him a few of my recent postcards that i was about to go drop in the mailbox He said they were cool lookin'.... Then he came to a certain one that i was actually proud how it came out visually. Lamar kind of shook his head and said to me, I dunno, Velc'...i wouldn't send this to someone you just started writin' art to, becuz it will scare them."

My boyfriend Racer looked at the same piece and said "yes, that probably constitutes a threat."

The card in question is a regular 3"x5" USPS, painted flat black, and has the words "Fear", "Dust", "Bite", "Madness" (with the "A" turned upsidedown), "Menace "Enemy" "Antisocial personalites" "Torture" "kill", "Reign of Terror" and "Ow, Ow, OW!" cut from magazeens and glued on. on it...and in the smallest type of all, down in the lowest right hand corner, is the punchline:"watch and learn"

Now, admittedly i like to occasionally make ghoulish or grimdarked or edgy art pieces, and i've mailed some to like minded pen pals; also I sometimes l just yark my psychic and emotional negativity in verbal visual raving. But i surely wouldn't want to send anyone mail art they could construe as a threat. I ain't got many enemies, and none of the ones I have are mail artists!

So what might i do with this? Lie i said, it looks pretty nifty; also it convey i was kind of aiming for that little hit of thrill like you get from suspense fiction.

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Send it to me!

mon. 07/08/2019, 07:25

Ahoy ahoy, Ruth Giles; Velcrow DeLux here. One thousand pardons for taking a month, and then some, before replying to your message. I can really be a lazy lout sometimes.

If you still want the Paranoiac Postcard i posted about, please email me your mailing address at your earliest convenience and I'll slap an overseas, international, airmail type stamp on it (because i live in California) and send it along.

Merry mails,

Sparrow13 aka Vel Crow


If you want to be known as a psychopath, go ahead and send it.  I myself don't like dust mites.  They should be exterminated. But I lost my mind years ago so don't listen to me...

The advice was probably sound, given everyone's ridiculous oversensitivity to even the most benign communications these days. Esp since you don't know the person well that you intended to send it to. On the other hand, I'd say anything goes to people who know your work. That said, you can send it to me, I won't take offense having been forewarned. Above all, keep making work that's meaningful to you. The hell with what's politically correct. This is what art's for, in my opinion.




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