Would you like to join me in a new Group called 'VINYL ART'?

I suspect that many of you, like me, have somewhere in your house/garage/attic a collection of old Vinyl records that you have probably not played for a long, long time, but nonetheless have some sentimental value for you – and that is why you have kept them all these years while the music industry and music-playing technology have changed so much. If you haven't got any Vinyl records, you can still join the Group as Vinyl records are relatively easy to find (cf 35mm photographic 'arty' slides) and they can be bought very cheaply in flea markets, junk shops, etc. (I bought 20 last weekend for less than €3/$2)

Iscattered around the house are about 1000 45s, 800 LPs -- as well as 750 cassettes, but there's a different story there – but NO CDs, DVDs or any sort of digital music. I've always wanted a jukebox, and if I could find a good one locally, plus someone to maintain it, I would buy it like a shot. I have all the records for a great jukebox party, but, sadly, no jukebox!

I'm discovering that Vinyl records have great art potential, and have recently started a series of art works on old Vinyl 7 inch 45 rpm and 12 inch 33 rpm records. Some of my first works on 45s are below.

Vinyl records provide lots of artistic possibilities that I will be exploring, such as:

  • using the A and/or B side of the records

  • painting, collaging, assemblaging, or whatever, the record

  • using the record sleeve cover, or not

  • following the track lines (of EPs and LPs), or not AND

  • incorporating the record label into the art work, or not

  • incorporating information about the title, the artist, the record company, or whatever, into the art work, or not

  • using the centre hole, which could be large if it is a juke-box or European 45, or not

  • sending a record through the post. (I have done successfully done this with a 45 to an address in France, and it worked – both with and without a sleeve cover)

So, if you are interested, please join this VINYL ART Group.

But first read this VAGW (Vinyl Art Group Warning):

This Group is about VINYL ART, and only VINYL ART. It is NOT about CD art, DVD art or anything else. If you try and 'smuggle' non-Vinyl art into this Group, you will be thrown out of the Group. “You don't really mean that, Val?” “I most certainly do!”


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I'm addressing your envelope right now Mona Lisa..I'm going to put in my info open to All types of mail..your right people get a little weird about sending to different types of mail people.digital,handrawn/ painted/ stamp art/ and anything that sticks lol.I'm open to Anything..its a gift right?

I collect vinyl records, and I have so many (way too many) too spare that i've been pondering for a while how to make good use out of them in an artistic way. I LOVE this!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want to be a part!!!!!!!!!!

Welcome Tiffany! Yes, this Group could be the answer to all your dreams....well some of them.

'Way too many'...no, it's not possible. I have about 1000 45s, 800 LPs, and 1000 or so audio cassettes, but not a single CD, and no digital music whatsoever.

Do make some 12" Vinyl Art, and send me some for my forthcoming Exhibition. The deadline is 1 April.

Good luck! Val



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