Mail artists with no mailing address.
Postal artists are weird. No more than any other peacocks who call themselves artists, that's for sure.
Some don't do shit, but use manufactured seals. Others make collages out of any shit that can be caught with glue.
There are those who calligraph and find it an art.
There are those who photocopy in series without knowing what the precept and ethics of multiple art are.
Please mail art is not the shit you send in the mail but the stuff you would like to receive in the mail.

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Your last sentence is spot on, Luís.

I agree Carien!

Oh I agree, Luis. I just asked for an address from someone. This is the first time that I've ever done this since I've been in this group, which is since - hmmm, well, a long time. And guess what, I'm sorry I did it. 

!Porque eu dou minhas informaçöes abertamente! on my page. It's all there. And I've never been sorry about that.

I fall into the category of a mail artist with no mailing address (for a variety of reasons)---but I HOPE because of that i'm NOT being lumped in with "Please mail art is not the shit you send in the mail but the stuff you would like to receive in the mail." I know what I do isn't that fab, but I DO try.

Oh, Monster, we all swoon over your mail. I treasure every piece. 

Monster A GoGo your case is different as you know, and you were careful to let us know.
I just find it strange that new IUOMA members don't indicate a physical address.

Unless it's the way they choose who they want to receive correspondence from, by a previous e-mail contact.
Contemporary art, being a space of total freedom, continues to have rules, in this particular case of mail art, starting with the dimension of what can be sent by mail. However, Art must be worthwhile, it starts by being symbolic, by being rare, by being a form of communication and being the particular form of expression of those who make it.
So in this matter your mail art is unique and precious.

I feel your pain!  LOL.  I have wondered in the past why some mail has even been sent - either deliberately offensive - and anonymous - or just scraps of flotsam and jetsam from afar.  However, even manufactured stickers are placed by an individual making an effort to communicate and reach out so being kind around that is a good thing; just respond with something you are proud of sending?  And people (especially women) not listing a physical mailing address right away might be fearful of harassment and want to build trust in this online community first.  

I also make collages out of any shit that can be caught with glue, using daily junk adverts and postage stamps that philatelists don't need. That in itself is not a bad thing at all, it's all about having artistic taste and the ability to look, to see. As for my postal address, it is known to all and I am ready to give it in private correspondence.

By the way, the other day I took one of your azulejos to the best porcelain restorers, which broke in the mail at the time. They are great craftsmen, restorers of porcelain and ceramics, everything will be fine. 

Dear Ilya, you make Art using collage as a means of expression, and your works show compositions that reach a superlative aesthetic degree.
Making "collages out of any shit that can be caught with glue." it's more my style.
Any way the core of the discussion was my surprise that mail artists recently arrived present themselves without a so call snail mail address.

I think some of the recent ones especially are spammers looking to harvest names and addresses.  Which is why my profile with address is private except for friends.

I understand Scissors and Glue.

Exactly! I was friended yesterday by a new member and was asked to buy bitcoin from her today :)




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