I have six zines leftover from my trip to China this past summer. If you would like one, just let me know and I'll be glad to send one to you.


Thanks and see you in the mail.



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Oh that's great that she's in China. I had an awesome time there even if I felt a little underused. As soon as I print off some more of these, I will make sure to send you one. May be the end of the week? Thanks for saying hello!

Dear Jon:

I received your zine in the mail yesterday and loved it!  What a great idea. Thanks for sending.  I will try to repay the favor soon by sending you something too.

Mary in MO

You are very welcome. I'm debating whether or not I should do this for a few older roadtrips? Glad you liked it!

Got your zine today!! Thanks Jon!

Now if only I can find the time to sit down and read it.....that's the tricky part....


Sending a lil somethin somethin this week.

Glad that you got it. Thankfully it's pretty short so...

wow, thanks for sending this. If u decide to do your previous trips please keep me in mind :)

I sure will. I plan on doing one for this summer...a trip across the US. I think I'm going to make my travel mate to write about the same things and see if strange patterns develop. I'll let everyone know when I finish it.

Hi, Jon - I finally got down to the post office and got your China zine - I have read about half of it and have to say your

experience sound much more disorganized than hers has been.  Still it looks like you got to see a lot of Beijing and I will finish reading this weekend.  Hopefully have some poetry zines in the mail to you soon.

It really was very disorganized almost painfully disorganized. I felt completely useless but grounded to the school. I couldn't really go anywhere during the day, just passively observe all of the students around. Still worth it. Working on a zine for this summer that I'll get out to you once I finish it.


I have heard horror stories about teaching in some schools.  Her experience has been challenging, but fun.  She is thinking about teaching another semester as nothing has opened here for her.  It is helpful that she has friends who live in China and got along well with the other staff.  The Foreign Office has been very helpful too. 
i will try to get the zines out to you this week.  Got busy.

Any more left Jon?


You will receive the last one as soon as I send it out. Look for it and the CD next week.




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