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Thanks for sending this our way.  i'm now on their lists too.

My journal arrived this week and is now posted on to the next on the list. Good project! On the surface, incredibly simple and straightforward, but I was the fourth person to add to this one and you can already see how it's going to end up an amazing collection of writing and images.

Oh I hope I’m not too late to sign up for this. I have emailed them!

Jade - This is going to be a project that happens over a long time, so I suspect you could be added in for later in the year. They're using fat sketchbook! i.e. Lots of space for the contributions.

Fingers crossed!! Sounds like a really interesting project.

Were there many pages filled when you received your sketchbook?

I think I was the fourth person. You're only given a week to do your bit and turn it around - which I actually quite liked!

You wouldn’t believe it Jennifer, I have just received my journal and your entry is in there! 

Jennifer, I just found this older post by you. did anything come of this moop journal? Id be interested to know. it looks the sort of thing i enjoy. way back when 1000 journals was new, i liked to see what was added to them all

edited to add.....i hadnt seen all the newer responses to your op. seems its still happening then and you did manage to handle one. ive just emailed moop to sign up so hopefully i can take part sometime

Heather - I added to one of the journals back in January and enjoyed it. I heard from someone else (not a mail-art-contact) not long back who'd also contributed to one, and she'd been asked to send it back to the organisers rather than on to the next person on the list. In other words, it seems to still be going on, but with the organisers taking more control over the journals moving around, which is not a bad thing given the current situation affecting people in all sorts of ways they'd never have been expecting. I hope you get a chance to add to one of them.

yes, ive sent an email letting them know im interested. so ill just have to wait and see




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