For almost two centuries the train was much more than a means of transport traveling between books, music, pictures, films and utopias. It was the industrial revolution that put the train on the tracks.

The steam engine and the need to transport more and more cargo and people took the creation of the first train in 1825. In Portugal the train would arrive thirty years later with the connection between Lisbon and Carregado.

The train is also an important element of the culture of the industrial world, even appearing as a centerpiece in the futuristic manifesto published in 1909. The locomotive is the symbol of the path to the future.

In literature we can find the train on the pages of Georges Simenon, Aghata Christie or Eça de Queiroz, among others. In the music of Zeca Afonso, Glenn Miller, Duke Ellington or Bob Dylan you can also hear the rhythms of the train.

The train is also a centerpiece in many films, so much so that one of the first films shown by the Lumière brothers showed the arrival of one of them at a station. They are proof that the train can travel far beyond its rails ...

Now i want the train enter in MailArt

01. Theme: Train / MailTrainArt

02. Category: This initiative is made up of an On-line exhibition (in this site, (One day maybe in a physical space).

03. Organization: BroTTas (myself)

04. Address to send;


Paulo Teles a.k.a BroTTas

Rua Eng Mário Costa Nº22 2ºEsq

2330-153 Entroncamento


05. Terms of participation:

- open to all artists

- you can use any technique as long as it is sent by snail mail

- you can identify your work with name and title

06. If you fill this Form; Name / Address / City / Country / Webpage /E-mail i will add with to the webpage

07. On-line Submission / Display Period: No deadline

08. Start to display: starts as soon as you receive your first job

09. No fees, no jury, no returns.


For more information:

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Replies to This Discussion

Received today this beautiful postcard a nice photo train from 1912 to 1937... from Richard Baudet
Thanks very much love it

From: Richard BAUDET
City: Marseille
Country: France


Received today this beautiful Envelope love the photo train from 1936... from Richard Baudet
Thanks very much love it

1936 French Diesel Elecric
From: Richard BAUDET
City: Marseille
Country: France

1936 French Diesel Elecric

Today in my mailbox a very nice card with a beatifull draw of "The Wasted Angel"
From: The Wasted Angel
City: Assebroek
Country: Belgium
Visit the MailtrainArt

I received this beautiful and strange postcard last Friday.
I loved it.
I love the strange folds, love being able to peek inside without being able to understand well whether it is to open or to keep closed ..
and to finish with style I managed to see the Klaus website written on the envelope, which led me to visit a beautiful and strange website.
Congratulations on everything

The Strange Envelope
From: Klaus Pinter
City: Wien
Country: Austria

see more of the works in MailTrainART

yesterday i recived this postcard with a collage with a train....

in the back is writte that come from Philippe Pissier, I researched it on google and found out that this artist was sued for a job he did and sent by mail, see some videos and have to say..

End censorship....

Here it is!
From: Philippe Pissier??
City: Le Vigan
Country: France

see more in the MailTrainArt webpage

One more postcard recived this one is the same type from the last one the letter is diferent but its the same tecnique and the same city of the sender...

thanks Audrey MULLER

Hello from France
From: Audrey MULLER
City: Le Vigan
Country: France
Se more in MailTrainArt

Le ron - Le train
From: Atelier D' Art Postal - La Chevalerie - Nadia
City: Tours
Country: France

se more MailTrainArt

Brain Cell 1113
From: Ryosuke Cohen
City: Ashiya-City Hyogo
Country: Japan

see more in my webpage MailTrainArt or in Facebook

I returned from vacation and had received these 4 magnificent works:
first one:
From: Cristiano Pallara
City: Palagiano
Country: Italy



Second One:

Ateliers SNCF
From: Marielle Conte
City: Arles
Country: France


Bild Und Heimat
From: Lutz Beeke
City: Uckermünde
Country: Germany

last one:

This train is the delayed
From: Simon Warren
City: Tring
Country: United Kindgom






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