I've been thinking about sending a bunch of stuff to famous addresses and see what happens. Have any of you done this, do you think it would be a worthwhile endeavor?


What are you thinking?



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Ruud, it would probably work better if Jon invoked the name of IUOMA. Regards, Val
i AGREE. Make it look vey formal.
Hmmmm, you guys are giving me ideas.

And then there was the guy who sent mail art postcards to famous dead people.  As I recall, a large percentage of cards were never returned to the sender, so he deduced that they were indeed delivered to the addressee, thereby proving that there is a life after death.

He published a book about this.  Sorry, can't remember the name of the guy or the book.

Eepy: I think you are referring to Henrik Drescher's 'Postal Séance: A scientific investigation into the possibility of a postlife postal existence.'

Drescher sends postcards to, inter alia,Guttenberg, george Harrison & John Lennon, Henry Miller, Edgar Alan Poe, King Leopold of belgium, an autopsied alien, etc;

it's a Great booklet, and has a 'foldout map of the postlife postal system and custom stamps for your own far-reaching letters'.

More details on request...

Regards, Val

Hi Jon! If you decide to go down the Global/International etc route, let me know if I can help in any way. If you go your original route, then good luck to you, and do, please, keep us all informed.

Regards, Val

I will for sure let you know Val, just trying to gather some ideas for a new project. Do you have any ideas of places that I could send to? Maybe more subtle places?

Bonsoir Jon! After today's meeting with my local bank manager I think that you should forget subtlety.

I'll explain.

I have 2 exhibitions in my village next year. I need to buy about 200 small canvasses, and asked the manager of my local bank if he would (co-) sponsor my exhibitions; He said that he didn't have a local budget for this sort of thing, but advised me to submit a 'comprehensive dossier' to the bank's Paris HQ. Further discussions revealed that I should ask for €200,000 +. I only want €5-700! And I'm not going to go through all the coportae bullsh*t stuff, because...

... I used to manage a small arts, culture and sports sponsorship fund in Belgium, and sometimes Holland, for the international company I used to work for, and now only too well how many hurdles you have to jump over. I'd rather work on my exhibitions!

The point of this is...THINK BIG. The UN, UNESCO, the US Dept of Arts/Culture(?), the White House, Winston-Salem and NC authorities, etc.

Don't be subtle.

Do you want me to think this through a bit more?

Bon weekend, Val

I haven't actually started this yet, just seeing if folks had any input.

to who at the famous address?

Ray J would write to people that impressed him;
never heard if he got replies

Pecos Bill Gaglione has a letter from Yoko, but no idea if she was writing from a famous address

I guess it is easier to get a famous address than it is to get the address of someone who is famous





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