Could you tell me how YOU perforate the artistamps?

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In the 90-ies I would send sets of sheets to BOOG in the USA. As a thanks he could keep one sheet of every artistamp-creation I sent in the package. That worked fine for both of us. The last years I haven't done any artistamps that needed to be perforated. John Held Jr. also has his own perforator. So the best way is:

-1- find someone who has a perforator. Make arrangements with him/her

-2 Try to get one (secondhand?) and offer a service to the other artistamps creators.

There are also perforated papersheets that fit in the printed, but that does limit one a lot.

Yes, yes, yes. But I have a very big nose and it will make some very, very, very big hole.
Denis, go to nearest digital typography and ask them about perforation service - a lot of digital typographies have this service. No problem to perforate anything in Moscow, only pay money.
Hi Gik
Thank you. Indeed, this is a solution that I had not thought too busy to seek a solution to this myself.
Did you succeed?
Check out this link to see how Cathe Holden at Just Something I Made uses her sewing machine to make those perforations. Pure genius, I say.

Hope this helps.
Also, feel free to follow my blog (letter writing and mail art)
Patty, thank you for that....AWESOME!!
I can suggest:
1. Buy a pair of Fiskars scissors which cut with a perforation-like shape.
2. Send your stamp sheets to someone with a perforator. Bill Porter offers a service (at cost).

I have two perforators; a 19th Century ROSBACK and a 19th Century FRANKLIN. They don't produce the sharpest holes, but still perforate OK. I would just want some examples to keep in trade for this service.


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Fiskars also make a rolling razor cutter that will perforate. I have used this in the past and it worked fine for me. The perforations are slots not circular but If you're trying to seperate the stamps from each other this works great. They don't particularly have the stamp perf look, but it really depends on what you want. If you want the stamp perf look the sewing machine idea is pretty close. You can set the stitch length to get more or less space between stitches.
I just posted my suggestions for this in a similar discussion in the 'Artistamp Creators' group...
I just posted my suggestions for this in a similar discussion in the 'Artistamp Creators' group...

Sorry, not sure how to hyperlink, here, so you'll have to cut'n'paste:
does this one work well?




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