Murray Menzies, an artist who has designed and printed numerous artistamps, is presently in prison in New Zealand (for a "drugs" offence done by his flatmate, who did not confess, so Murray got the blame!)

He is now in jail until at least March 2014.  I have been writing to him and sending magazines and booklets and stamps, but he got so many stamps that the prison bosses have now told him that "stamps are illegal contraband" and may not be sent in to the jail.  So just write him letters, send brochures ABOUT your stamps, (and also send return-addressed envelopes with your artistamps affixed!)

His address:

Murray A. Menzies,
ICIS Special Commissioner for Peace in Burma,
Private Bag 2000,


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Great,I'll send! What's the involvement of the I is special commissioner for peace in Burma?

He was appointed to the Burma peace role by the ICIS as he spent such a lot of time & energy on trying to work for peace in Burma, during the dark days of the military dictatorship.


any issues with sending mail to a Jail..I wouldn't mind doing well!!


No problems sending mail there! Just be sure your envelope is addressed correctly, & I recommend adorn the envelope with many stamps.

Hi Bruce this is the post which made me join this group. I understand from your post Mr Murray A Menzies may be released shortly (next month) I was hoping even if one or two people began sending him some support they might consider continuing with my fiancee, Irom Sharmila Chanu. She is a long term prisoner of conscience. She has never been found guilty of any crime though she is continually rearrested for attempted suicide but never charged. She has been kept mainly in solitary confinement in the NorthEastern State of India, Manipur next to Burma (Myanmar). Suu Kyi is known as the Iron Lady of Burma, my fiancee is not known as the iron lady of Manipur or Iron Irom. There has been some easing of the isolation order due to an errant South Indian Scribe who rolled through Manipur last Xmas. And with the elections in India due in Spring even some Politicians are trying to approach her. If you have read Anne Frank's diary or know anyone in prison then you'll know parcels are always good. At some periods she sees nobody for months on end. I visit her once a year and the hassle varies Manipur is a police State the rule of law doesn't apply there and what officials do is motivated it seems often by petty spite. The last book I sent her was Murky Business by H Balzac. Plus ca change plus c'est la meme chose. That's the request. I appreciate I don't get if I don't give. I am going to send Murray a book of photography that I saw in the local charity shop. It's not about money yes it's about reaching out to people. I hope the New Zealand prison authorities aren't too petty and if he has been released early that they will forward it to him. Her address is

Irom Sharmila Chanu,

Human Rights Defender,

Security Ward,

Jawaharlal Nehru I M S


Imphal East

Manipur 795005



I can say more about her or you can scan the web we can always find out stuff with the web but you have to look. Many thanks.



I'll write.

Fantastic you sound keen. I shall post you some Irish Kitsch tomorrow. It might take a couple of weeks to arrive. Next week is the Paddy Parade here if there's anything artful I'll post it on to you. Truly grateful.




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