What do you all think of contributing to a Haptic-style newspaper? I volunteer to be the editor/publisher and will distribute to all Haptic Poetry members here at IUOMA. Any suggestions for a title? WWSD? (what would Schwitters do?)

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Sounds good. Will you copy and post, what size? Schwitters would say "Lets merz".
Just by the way, my last mail to you deals with the issue of copying haptic work. Copying renders it unhaptic? Unless one interferes to reintroduce the technology of touch.
Correct--making copies would render the newspaper Haptic-less, so somehow we would need to keep contributions to the newspaper Haptic for every recipient.
This is wonderful--I have never seen it before. Is it true Schwitters' work almost went into obscurity after his death in England?
Herr Erni, my German is nicht so gut. I am going to the Central library today--they have a large art section and I will try my luck there. I'm curious to know who kept his work and ideas alive until he became well-known again--family members? Fans? Art experts? It is difficult for me to have a favorite artist, but he among the top five for me.
Thanks, Herr Erni--Both proposed titles are howling and grand. Good idea about studying those letters.

How can we help?

Let´s do it... I love haptic work!

As Cheryl said: LET¨S MERTZ...

Tell me if anybody knows a site to read the letters between Switters and Hausmann.


Here's another option: we could collectively create a single edition/Haptic Newspaper and then submit it to IUOMA member Keith A. Buchholz's "Kaunus Biennial Mail Art Show", which celebrates George Maciunas and Beyond: Fluxus Never Stops. You could send me your contributions/submissions and I'll adhere them to newspaper-sized pages of something sturdy like foam core or paperboard. That way the newspaper contributions would stay Haptic and it would be part of a terrific exhibit in Lithuania. We would, of course, have to be reasonable with our Haptic-ness, particularly in regard to weight, so yeah, please don't send bricks, boulders, or chunks of railroad tracks. Thoughts?
As the boss Bifidus, just say what you would like size wise - I'll contribute.

A few guidelines for the Haptic newspaper:

The overall size of each page will be 406.4mm x 304.8mm (16x12inches)

Like the variety of article sizes in a typical newspaper, I would like to have various sizes of artwork for the newspaper. Here are a few suggested sizes:

260mm x 60mm

260mm x 125mm

130mm x 120mm

4 pieces of artwork created as a set, each 75mm x 60mm

But truly, I'll fit in whatever you give me

Please include your name and a title for your work(s) which I"ll use as headlines

Multi-languages and asemic writing encouraged

If you want to create advertisements for the Classified section, possible sizes:

115mm x 80mm

60mm x 80mm

185mm x 80mm

I hate to put restrictions on this project, but there are a few: I mentioned weight restrictions previously, but realistically, 3D art should be no thicker than 10-15mm (half inch) so the newspaper can close somewhat. **Remember too that artwork can be one-sided only because I will be gluing the contributions to the paperboard pages.


If I haven't thought of something, let me know. I appreciate and welcome any feedback, but most importantly. Have fun!


Deadline: Please have your contributions to me by April 15, 2011 so I can assemble the newspaper and get it to Keith by his deadline. I'll be documenting the contributions and creation of the newspaper regularly.




on it - exciting - well done for getting it cranked :-)




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