What are your favorite pens to use in mail art?  I have a few good (sort of) ones for my regular-size collage work -- for applying lines, not for actually writing -- but they aren't turning out to be great for mail-art scale.  New ones for writing, asemic writing, drawing, and outlining are needed.  All suggestions welcome.

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Susan, the brand Posca has some good white covering markers, available in different sizes. Can smear a little, but overall the best I've found.

Thanks, Carina. They look beautiful. Just what I'm looking for.
Thanks, Carmela. I am looking forward to experimenting with new pens.

The fountain pen is my favorite, it can go from a hairline to a bold just by varying the pressure.  It is the closest to a dip pen I've found.  I like waterproof ink so I can do add watercolour wash over it and currently I'm using Platinum ink.  I flush the pen out every few weeks since  I paid way too much money for it and want to keep it working nicely.  There is a whole world of fountain pen collectors, many of whom are snobby and tedious. 

The uni-ball eye pens are nice.  I think they are called "vision" ouside of Asia.  I tried them out because Tommy Kane likes them and they are really nice to draw with.  I've got them in black in fine, micro fine and ultra micro.  They are waterproof and come in a bunch of colours.

The muji mechanical pencil is a copy of a pentel 500 pencil but without any logos on it.  I like a 0.3mm led for sketching in an A6 size sketchbook.

The Koh-i-noor clutch pencils is ridiculously chunky and came with graphite, charcoal, sanguine and chalk refils which is great.  I use it mostly for life drawing classes.  I'm thinking of getting another holder since I'm always swapping between the sanguine and charcoal.

I also use the uni ball, still the old fountain pen or pens are my favourite and I use them with dissolved fabric dyes, giving me a full range of colours. You can draw on top creating texture and colour changes. This really extends the range

Fabric dyes hey?  I've seen those in the art store and never thought of using them.  Might give it a try with a dip pen.

Hello, Nancy!

Here are the three pens which I use the most:

* Stabilo Point 88 fine 0,4

* Staedtler Triplus Fineliner

* PaperMate Flair

My favorite will always be the PaperMate Flair, especially for their black pens. All three brands come in a wide variety of colors. I hope you are still here on IUOMA, and that I have answered your question.

All the best...David

David, many thanks -- I've used one of the pens you mentioned, two not, and will give those a try. I'm here on IUOMA only occasionally now, though I miss it. Very good to have your input, thank you again.


recently started again with rotring 2000 isograph pens. I like it that you can work with indian ink with these pens without too much problems......

Just finished a drawing with my non dominant hand, it was too difficult to do long lines but worked well with note detailed work, you are correct . Using my right hand drawings are just super with these pens. I love using coloured inks in them too.

writing with a 3D pen ia also fun. Instead of ink you can use PLA plastics and draw real objects. Now that is fun....




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