Trashpo means many things to many people and maybe broadly has come to mean-art made from garbage. Other terms and subdivisions include:

poubellisme:  french trash art (art made from contents of "poubelles" (trash bins)
garbology-general term for dealing with and/or interacting with Garbage; as in a "garbologist". 
Trash poetry--trash plus a stamp. also, trash arranged in a purposeful way to achieve a desired aesthetic. 
Junk Art
Trash Art
Found objects
Mail art Omens (see definition below)

Civilized and Mystical branch of Trashpoetry--Mail Art Omen-ists:

superstitious about  trashpo. It has to be authentic in that it was found, not sought out, and comes  in a way that is  mysterious and serendipitous. It  has to have come from someone other than the finder, preferably an anonymous 'donor'. If the items are too commonly found, they are of no interest. It has to be something that has some meaning to someone even if just for a fleeting moment. 

A non-inclusive definition of trashbooks:

Trashbooks generally consist of, but are not limited to: shopping lists,  magazine bits, shop slips, reject art, cereal boxes, messages (with and without meaning), typically grungy and messy, torn, tattered,stamped, consisting of multiple textures such as felt, bubble wrap, envelopes, cardboard, ribbon, string, paper towel, dryer sheets, plastic, postcards, vellum, etc. with a binding-typically sewn. What makes a trashbook a trashbook, is that the creator intended it to be a trashbook (with or without the acknowledgement by the book itself that it is a trashbook), and that the materials are things typically discarded, without immediate value, and unconventional in some way. Items can be found, extraneous (spell chick can edit this post), rejected, dejected, forgotten, abandoned, discarded, unappreciated, cast off, put aside, or have hidden value seen only to other trashpo artists, if such a thing exists. Cheryl has recently validated trashbooks as a  genre.trashbooks will appreciated in a whole new way. If trashbooks were a character, they would be the underdog. And some people can not help but root for the underdog.  


If anyone has anything to add or subtract please do this is just my input and it really needs an editor!!

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The aliens are probably already making trashpo. Maybe THEY gave us the idea:)

Alien shopping list:

star system fruit

deodorant (to cover the sulfur smell)


outer layer reinforcement

microscope slides

human embryos


Thank you for the alien trashpo shopping list & trashpo alien...Nice graphics Erni!

DVS. you should make a trashpo space probe, send it out into space!

Nice junk erni! "Open the pod bay doors Hal"

lands of trash opportuniies




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