DeepDream! Wow! This is an online, image manipulation service which takes your file input and changes it according to arcan rules [???] apparently using imagery it finds online. So far it seems to add a lot of faces and eyes but I imagine it will evolve unpredictably.

Here's a link:

On this link's page, just click on "UPLOAD" and you can submit an image from y'r computer.

Here's a link [] to the latest of my uploads [what else!? a strangler fig picture!]

It's busy so it takes several hours to convert.

I'll show here what it did to a pic of Blaster Al Ackerman.

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With the utmost of respect and affection for The Blaster, I wonder if this changed picture might be a better representation of the world he saw.

Wow, Awesome!!

Woops! HERE is the link to the stranger fig input image

Y'r ol' Bud,


I just checked the link and it's dead.

Oooooh! I see an update to this 'discussion' is apropos! Google Deep Dream has evolved a great deal since I mentioned it above. It now offers:

1) much more rapid turnaround.

2) choices in style of alteration of y'r image.

3) much greater degree of alteration.

The current version is at:

What fun!  Here is my before and after.  I'm in love!


Hey, did you have a chance to ask mysonthesoftwareengineer for his opinions?  I've been using it between projects and its a blast!

Yeah, I've found yet another way to waster time on line.  Now, what should I do with the images?




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