A friend asks: What's the best adhesive for magazine collage that won't wrinkle the paper? I told him Spray Mount...anybody have any other suggestions?

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Years ago I would use Rubber Cement, but these day I use acrylic medium that can be used as paint and becomes transparent when it has dried.

I have tended to get better results with the Avery Permanent Glue Stick, but for most of my work I have used Lineco's Neutral PH Adhesive.

Thanks for you input, Cascadia

I have found the peanut butter works wonderfully.

Only when mixed with certain kinds of Welch's Grape Fixative...

For large surfaces, I use liquid glue from Blick's. It comes in a variety of sizes. I don't often get wrinkles on large surfaces, but when I do, I use a rolling pin to eliminate them. You can use different size rollers for different sizes of work. Smaller pieces I work with a glue stick and use a smaller size roller if wrinkles are an issue.

Acrylic matte gel medium applied with a roller-brush (from a tray) is great for large projects with thick papers.  For tissue paper collage, I thin gel medium with water (to about creamy-milk consistency) and brush it on.  When I use tissue paper I LIKE wrinkles, so I don't paint every bit of every layer; just dab enough to hold things together. 

Thanks Lois and LTS....

Hi David-

I would echo those that have suggested YES paste. It has been my preferred collaging bonder for decades. It should be found at Artisan or Michael's. The viscosity of the paste can easily be modified with some friction or a little added warm water. I hope this helps.

I am finished once and for all with ModPodge -- too many ruined pieces that ended up all wrinkly on top. So it's back to Glue Sticks for me, until I get to a store to try Spray Mount. Also Elmer's makes the same kind of mess ModPodge does and takes a long time to fully dry. Anything new out there I should know about?

I've had  found Lineco  Neutral PH Adhesive  has worked great for my more protected collage works, but that it's not strong enough for my "exposed" Mail Art postcards and envelopes - especially when I am applying small parts. Experimenting with wood glue (applied with small brush) for those  "hard travelin" pieces and had at least one success. Going to look for some Yes Paste and give that a go too.

Hi Toni, ModPodge and white glues like Elmers need to be brushed over the entire surface of the piece you're gluing down, then smoothed onto the background evenly. After that, cover the glued area with wax paper and then weight it down with some heavy books for a couple hours or overnight. It does dry flat if used this way. Forgive me if you know this already, but from the results you describe, it sounds like you may not be aware of it.

Spray mount gives an instant flat bond, but needs to be used in a well ventilated area. 




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