A friend asks: What's the best adhesive for magazine collage that won't wrinkle the paper? I told him Spray Mount...anybody have any other suggestions?

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Thanks, Michael....

Oh, It's called "Yes Paste" ....I get it....Thanks, Em

I have been putting some of my mail art together, I also found "Mod Podge Hard Coat"  Has a purple label on it, it's by Plaid, you can find it anywhere, and then there is also regular Mod Podge...you can get a glossy type or a matte type.  It dries really good and you coat the top of whatever you are adhering things to.  It's not to expensive.  Then there is also this stuff called "Golden's Gel Medium".  That is expensive, but when you can use a coupon which I do at Michael's can buy it there.  It's really good stuff.  You can find that in the art section at Michael's or any other fine art store.

Thought I throw more out for you.  I've been playing and getting some of my mail art ready.



Before I started trading ATCs, I thought normal ModPodge was fine.  Now, however, I've been told that it's a poor choice if your art will going anyplace that has warmth with high humidity (like the Southeastern US) because it turns tacky there.

Double sided tape for the edges with the addition of Glue stick. I use Craft Glue the store's own brand Carole's craft I discovered it doesn't warp card as much as Tacky or PVA glue. Those tiny glue dots work well if you are dry medium.

Thanks, chimerastone... where might one find the craft glue you mentioned?

It's a small craft store in the city centre and unfortunately, they are relocating and having a closing down sale. They have site www.carolescrafts.uk.com

I've checked the site which brings to me site called papercraft4u.co.uk and they don't sell any on their website which is shame.

Oh and I forget to mention tape pens they ran out so quickly I buy mine for www.createandcraft.tv as they have special deals. I guess back to PVA glue.

Carole's Crafts located in lower floor of The Mall Galleries, Broadmead in Bristol. I think it's a local store and only been there a few year. Another place is Hobbycraft in Cribbs Causeway I find their products expensive.

If you having problem try out dry adhesive: double sided tape, tape pens, glue dot and then glue sticks, clear glues, Tacky/PVA.

Hmmm, okay...thanks for your info....I'll have to travel down to the city centre and have a look...

Thank you again, CS...Cribb's Causeway has a certain ring to it...

A sticky old man from the states

got lost in the glue stick debates

"The glue with no flaws, mate

is down at Cribb's Causeway

That sojourn will just have to wait.


I have re-discovered spray mount thx to this thread. i've had a few cans leftover from school just sitting around collecting dust. 


Yes, Spray Mount is what I use as well though I'm sure by now my neurons are firmly glued to my birth defects generator.




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