UGH! This week the price of postage has risen by almost a dollar to send International post. Until now we've had a $1.70 price for postcards and 'card only' post. That no longer exists. Any mail being sent from AUS internationally will now cost $2.60.


If anyone has any unfranked Aussie stamps that they'd like to send me, it would be most appreciated. (For my stamp collection, of course. )


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It's the post mafia! And then they complain that people don't send postcards! Baaaah humbug.

Its a bummer! Too steep, too much!

That's too crazy, Viz.  Bummah.

Oh well, I just wanted to whinge about it. Maybe I have to drink cheaper wine? Eat crappier food?

Nah, I'll think of another way...

Sheesh. UK prices have risen stupidly over the last couple of years. Now the Govt. has privatized the Royal Mail, we can expect things to go in the same direction... Not great news for those of us who enjoy getting a bit more 3D with our mail art.

Hope you are well, Vizma - hope to get something out to you before xmas...

Thanks Christopher, I'm better now, knowing that something is coming my way from you!! Did you get my mini pocket art gallery?

Hi Vizma, sorry for the tardy response. Yes I did get your pocket art gallery - fantastic! I have just looked in my photo files and realised that I did not record/post it! (Lots of personal stuff happening at the time - I just forgot. Sorry!) I am going to photograph it and upload it this week. I will be posting out this week too!

No apology necessary, I'm the WORST at getting back to people online!

Glad to know it got there! ;-)

USPS raised its international rates by about 60% OUCH! May have to stick with post cards for a while....

Wow! That is a steep rise in postage for the Land of Oz, Vizma!

Makes me feel good here in Greece, the international postage

went from 78 cents to 90 cents..and I was complaining? Not anymore :-)

I shall be checking my batch of Aussie stamps,

may be some there "for you stamp collection, of course.

Wow! That is expensive, Viz. Our rate for postcards is the same for an envelope for the first oz. so I send envies -- seems like I get more bang for my buck that way. I can put stuff in and still keep it to an oz.

90c Kat!?? For International?? Wow, next time I come to visit I'll send all my letters from Thess!

Pamela, how much IS the postage? Those forever stamps with no numbers don't make any sense!! We used to have $1.65 for postcards and $1.70 for envies marked Card Only (oops, I made a mistake in the intro..) but I always smuggled a bit more into the envies to get more bang for my buck, as you say!!   




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