Hello all, 

I've been searching through some of the groups trying to find one specifically for artist's books but I haven't seen anything...if anyone can direct me that would be great.  With that being said, I am wondering if there is anyone out there that would be interested in trading artist's books by mail?  I've been working on several different types this summer and am currently enjoying the accordian/pamphlet style.  I would love to start collecting pieces made by other people, so if anyone would like to trade, send me a message.  I would post what I have been working on, but I can't seem to find the file with the photos in them... I will gladly take more if you would like to see what I'm working on before trading.


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Looks like you already know about Cheryl Penn. A terrific book maker. I do books, not very skilled or serious. more on the strange side of life. 

Hi Nadine - I would say that I am more passionate about making books than skilled - I can't seem to follow a simple stitch if it has to be repeated... I try to make books that don't require thread.  But that is what I love about making books, by making them and exploring the different ways to do it, it really makes you think about what a book is or can be.  

I need to revise the above statement, I am not sure what I was thinking...there is the "Collaborative Mail Art Books" group, which I just joined...curious if anyone knows of anything else I may be missing?

Samuel Montalvetti in Argentina has an artist's book group:


I agree with Nadine. Even though Cheryl Penn's group says collaborative books, that's the place where you'll find most of the people doing artist's books. In mail-art, artist's books tend to be collaborative - it probably comes from the add-and-pass concept.

Good luck

Thanks for the information, I'll check it out.  I should also say that I would be excited to trade some of my books for mail-art in general.  While I am very interested in trading books, I would just like to get involved in some art exchanges in general.

Billy, generally I'd suggest you find people here whose work you have an affinity with and mail them something. There are a lot of great book artists in Cheryl's and Samuel's groups.

People are at IUOMA because they are open to exchanging work and building networks. Jump in. 

Also watch for various mail-art calls in Events. Some of them are specifically for book exhibits or they'll include your books if it fits the project.

Maybe at some point you can even organize your own project.

Don't worry about what you perceive to be your own level of talent. Mail-art, by definition, is for everybody and it's completely supportive.

Hey thank you for the tips...I haven't really had a chance to look at people's work that is up here but I will do that.  Thanks for the other tips as well.

hello!  i know this is an old post, but perhaps you are still interested.  i have not made anything in awhile, but i am interested in artist's books.  generally i like to make little mini books.  like i said, i have not made anything in awhile, but i would be happy to trade some of my older artzines & artist books with you if you would like!~

Hiya!  You want Mail Art?  I'll send you some Mail Art!!!  Send me your address (not email -- I still can't figure it out at all).  Here is my address:  Andrea Jay, Hilarious Retired Assistant Principal

                                          65 Todt Hill Road

                                          Staten Island, New York 10314




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