So yeah, I find a bunch of stuff lying around at work. For just a bit of information, I work at a community college in North Carolina. I mostly find letters and drawings and what not and I find them when I find them so it may take me a while to have a collection of stuff.


If you'd like to trade randomly found stuff, I'd be intersted. Not going to make anything to accompany the mail, just a little bit of floor art and writings.


Let me know.

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Ah, Deadwood. Love the town - were there in 2008 and wished I could have spent days just walking up and down all the nooks and crannys. Commercialized but such a contrast. We were there about the time Sturgis was starting (accidentally) but really enjoyed it. Didn't gamble but the feel of the town was a bit gritty with an undertaste of smooth.

I'll be sending you a packet of found things, ephemera, and what-not soon.





sent out four packets of randomness today.

Word! I will have to gather some goodies to send out as well.

Thanks to Strelnikov for a wonderful selection! I loved going through it!
Packets going out to all in this discussion tomorrow.
Sure. I collect paper ephemera from my travels, and sometimes I don't know what to do with it. I tend to end up more with printed matter than drawings and notes....
Well, I collect found photos. Right now I'm working on three collections; horrible 50's christmas shots of spoiled kids, terrible wedding photos (80's or older) and bicycles. Any odd photo that's found not copied from a computer. But I'll send any floor art or junk messages people leave around. I found a sad one the other day about a guy trying to get in touch with his agent who wasn't returning his calls but It was just too sad.
Wow that sounds amazing. I found a couple websites that are mostly found photos and what not that I love checking out. Since I work at a school I find a lot of fun stuff here and there...just waiting to be picked up. If I find anything I'll send it your way for sure. Oh, and I'll send you some mail art. Thanks for sharing.

Count me in.  I'm a bit of an ephemera junkie and would love to exchange random bits of paper through the mail. Anyone interested in getting stuff from South Africa?


All the best



I'm always excited to receive things from South Africa. I'll add you to my found list and I'll put a card in the mail to you this week. Nice to meet you.

Hello, hello. I teach at a community college kind of in the middle of the state called Davidson County Community Collge. The school is near High Point, right off of I-85.


I made a big batch of stuff just this past weekend and I'll gladly drop you something in the mail.




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