Hey there people, in my spare time (other than mail art) I sit in my livingroom and make really terrible music. The goal is to be funny and I think I can do that. Right now I'm finishing the touches on my new record called NOSTRILS - KNOWS HARE.


I've handmade a layout and all kinds of extra goodies that I thought you guys would be interested in. If you would like one, just give me your address and as soon as I'm finished I will send one out to you.


Just let me know.



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Sending one to you...

And I'm out...I will post images of the postcards as they come in.

I'm sorry but I just ran out of CD's. If I make another batch I'll send one out to you. Sorry.

The "Thing" arrived in Greece, Jon! Great music...

I like "Porpoise" and "Party in winston Town" and "Goodwill Millionaires" and...well, ALL!

It is blogged here:

CD from Jon foster ...and we are singin"

I would love to in exchange I will send you mail art ! arte correo correo / 135 Harmony st./ Bridgeport CT/ 06606

Jon, it's super! THANK YOU for the fun you've sent with your music!! My favorites: Monster and I hate your children! Heard it in the car driving home from work yesterday, and I'm still laughing. And I love the photo! Will send something back soon!! 

Hi Jon, if you have any CD's left, I would love one!

I sent out my initial 50 right when I finished these. I'm working on a follow up right now. You can download the songs on the site if you're interested. http://nostrils1.bandcamp.com/

Sounds cool, I'll try to get it on the French radio.  It might be a hit !   If you would be so kind;

Dean Marks 

72 Boulevard de Bercy

75012 Paris, France

Ops, I just saw that you ran out of CD's.  Katerina Nikoltsou is coming to visit Paris on Sunday, and I'll ask her if she will bring her copy along.

   Thanks anyway, looking forward to hearing it.



Oh wow, that would be great. If you need to, you can download the songs for free through bandcamp. My URL is http://nostrils1.bandcamp.com/ Thanks for your interest, and I'll make sure you get a real copy of the next CD.

yves maraux said…   

voici ma proposition : envoie moi du texte , max A4 pour ma revue fenètre ;

tu crois ne pas avoir de texte pret : va quelque part dans le quartier des galeries , collecte quelques propos imprimés interessants pour la revue fenetre !




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