Hey there people, in my spare time (other than mail art) I sit in my livingroom and make really terrible music. The goal is to be funny and I think I can do that. Right now I'm finishing the touches on my new record called NOSTRILS - KNOWS HARE.


I've handmade a layout and all kinds of extra goodies that I thought you guys would be interested in. If you would like one, just give me your address and as soon as I'm finished I will send one out to you.


Just let me know.



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Me, me, toooo! Svenja Wahl, Max-Wolf-Str. 9, 69120 Heidelberg, Germany

All of you guys will get one. I'm sending these out in a couple weeks so please, standby.

Hi Jon, If it's a record, a REAL VINYL RECORD, then yes, please count me in. If it's anything digital/disk/icrap etc, then count me out.

Look after those cavias, won't you? Regards, Val

Mark I would love to be able to make a vinyl record, but it really isn't worth the money. A friend of mine said a company made these postcards that were actually playable records...now that I'd be interested in.


I'd like to send you one of the CD's but if you can't listen to it, then it seems pretty useless. I guess you could at least listen to it on your computer?

Ooh, I'd definitely be interested if there could be one spare with my name on it! ;)

I'm sending you one as soon as I get everything finished up. Thanks for your interest.

Ooh sounds fun, me please :)

Cara Harrison

1414 Humes Ave

Huntsville, AL 35801


Got one coming to you, and I think you may be able to pick up on some of my regional stupidity. I hope you don't like South Carolina?

Thanks Jon, but no save the music for someone else whon can play it properly, 'cos my old fashion computer doesn't play music (or films). Rock on! Val

Oh wow Mark, you must really have an old computer. I need to think of a way for you to hear it...

And please don´t you forget about me! I hope there is place in the envelope yet...

Oh I will for sure send one to you. After you listen to the CD let me know if you get my stupid jokes. So many of them are regional and filled with my inane southern accent that they may be hard to decipher. I'd like to know if my idiotic humor goes well on the continent.

Thanks for amusing me.




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