I have not been as active with my mail art practice as I once was, however I am thinking that if bickering is a daily thing here, it will not make for a very friendly or welcoming place to visit. 

I have tried to ignore this constant debate but it is difficult to overlook.  Is there no place this argument can be settled other than here?...  maybe create  a special forum just for the individuals that want to "duke it out".  It seems to me that some people are easily offended and don't know how to work out their problems in a less aggressive manner.  I don't know but this just doesn't seem like this is the way adults should act.  Sometimes you just have to ignore the troublemakers.  It's hard to have an argument if there is only one person participating.

This was such a nice place to visit years ago now I'm not so sure.  I know there are probably a few people who feel the same way I do.  I don't usually get involved in these things but today I just felt I had to say something.  Most days I can look the other way.  Live and let live works, but please people try to understand that this is website was created for us to share and enjoy ourselves.  And yes, problems will arise from time to time but can't we play "nicely" with one another?

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Yes...I hate to be the one to say it but if it doesn't go away starved, an enforced cooling off period may be in order (aka suspension)...
Do you think it will come to that?---and has that ever happened before? I'm expecting there will be peace in the IUOMA kingdom soon.

In the past, several members have been annoying (in less ways then the present situation)

and they were asked to leave, and they did, by their own choice.

If they were negative here and were so unhappy and critical with what is here, they decided not to stay.

Hackers and spammers have also invaded this site, but were removed without discussion.

Hello. Glad to see this little group discussion. This brouhaha, stumbled on it late, so missed the beginnings. I ignore the negative, cheer on the positive folks, and make Mail Art. Yes, eventually, the fracas goes away. In the meantime, I just posted some of my altered postcards from my most recent 365 Mail Art project. Peace to all.

Hi Mim,
Glad to hear from you. I think your mail to me got list in the mail. It still has not arrived. I thought the postal service might have gotten back logged with holiday mail but so far I have recieved everything I was expecting. Was it anything unusual? Maybe it will still turn up when I least expect it.

I see you've been very busy greeting newcomers. I don't know how you juggle it all.

I'll send something to you soon. Good to hear from you Amiga.




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