Ok, I've been looking all over this site (and enjoying myself), but still can't tell exactly how one is supposed to acknowledge a piece of mail-art received.   I see where I can thank the person on my page, but what about photographing?   Do photographs of mail-art go in the "photos" AND "blogs" sections, and are there other places I should know about posting them?   Just a little confused about where photos of art we've received are usually put.


Also, do you scan and post every piece of mail-art you receive?   Or just the ones that especially appeal to you?


Looking forward to your advice,

thank you.


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Ahhhh, I see.   You explained it very well, Susan, thank you.   I'll follow my instincts -- great advice, nothing I'd like better -- it's quite a treat when someone says that!

Hi Nancy,

The standard way is to respond directly with your own mailart to the person who sent something to you.

Mailart was around long before the internet. Many Mailartists do not participate in forums like this one and limit their interactions with other Mailartists to just the postal process.

Scanning and posting anything or everything you receive is up to you.


Oh Boy!


Thank you, Oh Boy!   Yes, mail-art has been around a long time, and I used to see it published in little-read magazines in the '70s and '80s after the earlier flurry involving well-known "founders."   I do find participating in the communications on this IUOMA site exhilarating, even though in many other ways I'm a throwback, and think the opportunity to see more mail-art on this site is wonderful.  So I probably will be posting what I receive in either photos or blogs, and just have to figure out which way to do it.

It is of course good to know one doesn't have to! and I mean that.   Thanks again from Nancy

Hi Angie, and thanks -- so many options!  One thing I already figured out is that I will post everything I receive, no reason for any exceptions, and I've been having such a great time looking at all the works others have posted.  So far I've posted them only on my blog here; maybe I will pick one other way to acknowledge too, in addition.  If I start posting them all over the place, it is guaranteed to mix me up (and keep me out of the studio -- already a possible problem because this site is so darned interesting!).   Love the photos on your profile ~ thanks again.
I try to blog the Mailart peaces I receive, and from time to time put Photos of the peaces I sent to my Photos
Thank you, Frieder, the way you do it is exactly the way I've settled on myself.  Now and then (very occasionally) I use the blog to address a topic that wouldn't fit anywhere else; otherwise I save it for pieces I have received, and the photos for my own work sent out or slightly earlier work that seems related.  I'm behind on that one, but a weekend coming up should allow for catch-up.




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