I'm new here to IUOMA.  So, hello :)

When I first started The Head Project back in 2002 I didn't know much about "mail art."  If I recall, there were a few mail art groups on LiveJournal where project was first dreamed up but I was never brave enough to post in them.  I was afraid then, much as I am today, that I'd have to justify my creation as mail art.  It felt like there were 'rules' and my project didn't fit neatly within them.  Over the years I've grown only slightly more comfortable talking about my project; about my work.  It seems funny now because the connection to mail art is so obvious.

For the last six months I've been working on relaunching the project and one of the things I've finally embraced is this fact; at it's core, The Head Project is mail art.  I won't justify it.  Welcome to The Head Project.  I'm glad I found IUOMA.

How about you?  Ever feel like you need to justify your work as 'mail art'?  Does it fit neatly into the category or is it something on the fringe?

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I just want to say welcome and I think your 'Head Project' is cool.... No rules in mail art! Just make, send or share whatever you do. The diversity is what makes it interesting.

Thank you! Glad to hear my head (pun intended) is in the right place thinking about mail art. The more I read about all the different facets of mail art on this website, the more ideas I get.

Hey Headguy, I loved reading about the Head project!!! Fabulous.  What I love about mail art is the FREEDOM! Yes, you may mail anything and be free. My mailman must LOVE me. I get the coolest stuff. One artist mailed me some work on a piece of wood, and sure enough, the mailman delivered it to me. Hugs and I'd love to have that head some time. Bonniediva

Now I want to throw some stamps on a head and see if my postal carrier will deliver it. Who needs a box, right?

Hahahha.  Well done. I would have done the same thing. Or made a sign which read "dinosaurs" or "endless possibilities" for the top. Brilliant.




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