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At 11:41am on May 21, 2019, Rose said…

Hi there, Katerina dear friend, a gorgeous little owl landed in my mailbox this morning! Many thanks, I shall feed her well and give her somewhere warm to rest after such a long flight. My post-pigeon is refueling herself, ready to alight to warmer climes near you. Look out for her....Her name is Mrs Pee. Enjoy your spring weather.....as we slide into winter....ugh! Aussie Possum x

At 3:19pm on May 19, 2019, Sabela Baña said…

I send two mail art. I hope received soon. Thanks for wonderfull artworks.

At 2:47pm on May 19, 2019, Mark Rossmiller said…

Yes, it's Moan.

Hopefully I'll stay a while this time.

I'm having fun with my new rubber stamp carving project, I haven't carved this much since about 2012. Are you still doing sandpo?

At 8:49pm on May 17, 2019, Sabela Baña said…

Thanks katerina for mail art.I love it.

At 8:03am on May 14, 2019, Lorella said…

Thanks Katerina for your help .I thought David Stafford too even if the spelling seems different 

At 7:09pm on May 7, 2019, Toni Hanner -- tonipoet said…

Momkat, thank you for the health-giving oranges! Now I want to send my husband to the store to get some! I am feeling a little better day by day. But at my age, it's slow!

At 7:38am on April 26, 2019, Vikki Johnson said…

Thank you Katerina!

At 7:28am on April 26, 2019, Rose said…

Hooooo hoooooooo. Thank you.

At 11:25am on April 25, 2019, Mail Art Martha said…

Lovely cards Katerina. That cat is so beautiful, it will certainly serve as model. And the Easter message! We surely should not eat so much chocolate

Happy Easter to you too!

All blogged now in Year of the Pig

At 10:05am on April 25, 2019, Sabela Baña said…

Thanks Katerina for you wonderfull cat

At 3:07pm on April 17, 2019, Sabela Baña said…

Very Thanks Katerina.Happy Spring.

At 9:41am on April 16, 2019, Rose said…

Hi Katerina, thank you for such a lovely warm welcome. Of course you may call me Rose-from-Australia (you know what they say, a rose by any other name...). I am so excited to be back here on IUOMA again and to 'find' you and Ernie are still busy making your wonderful mail art! I feel very inspired to crank up my UHU immediately! Only this morning, I met a local arty friend at the library who was curious about mail art and what it entailed. So, we arranged to make and share. I have told her about IUOMA, so maybe she will join us one day. I shall get to it this evening...ciao x

At 6:33pm on April 15, 2019, Sabela Baña said…

Yes, if is a great. You received mail mail art happy spring?

At 7:17am on April 13, 2019, Chorianopoulou Maria said…

Beautiful photo, Katerina!

See you tonight!!!


At 8:57pm on April 12, 2019, Toni Hanner -- tonipoet said…

Thanks for the happy spring card and the Add/Pass & circle from Erni. It might take me a while to send it on but I will as soon as i can make mail art -- you may know about my fall down the stairs of my house -- I broke some ribs an a vertebra in my back. Not too serious but quite painful. Sigh. 

At 2:01pm on April 2, 2019, Ilya Semenenko-Basin said…

Dear Katerina.

I did my part and sent the envelope to Erni Bar.

I have decided not to participate in the Add and Pass. I just want to exchange mail-art, answer calls (participate in projects).

your Ilya

At 11:30pm on April 1, 2019, Ilya Semenenko-Basin said…

Hello Katerina!

I thank you for the letter! I'll add and post to Erni.

your Ilya

At 11:56pm on March 10, 2019, Carolyn Cline said…

Thank you. Your flowered postcard and Ed’s add and pass arrived yesterday.I just finished adding to ex posto facto’s Fluxus buck.

At 11:47am on March 8, 2019, Sabela Baña said…

8 de Marzo dia de la mujer

At 8:02pm on February 21, 2019, Sabela Baña said…

Thanks Katerina. I like  you recived



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