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At 10:47pm on August 15, 2018, Emma Graney said…


Yes I shall get thinking and send you along some post to Patland.:)

At 2:57pm on August 14, 2018, Sabrina S said…

Thank you, Patricio. :)

At 9:30am on August 10, 2018, Katerina Nikoltsou (MomKat) said…

Many thanks for this nice baggie mail art from PatLand!

see the blog:

At 2:04am on August 8, 2018, Ana Kawajiri said…

Caro Escriba Celestial, obrigada pela nota de 1000 reais. Postei fotos aqui:

At 11:54pm on August 7, 2018, Linda Rogers said…

How reassuring to know that the airships are still getting the mail to Patland.  It was rumored that they were going to hell in a handbasket but I was sure there were better transportation methods available. 

At 7:26pm on August 5, 2018, Jules S said…

Thank you for the wonderful mail art, Patricio. I posted it on my blog page here on IUOMA.

At 10:13pm on August 2, 2018, The Introverted Post said…

Patricio - I shall toss some art into the wind and will it your way. 

At 8:28pm on July 31, 2018, Lady Cookiefish said…

My Dearest Patricio,

I would be delighted to exchange Art Mail with you......but first I must clear up the misconception that I am an Earthling....Though it is true, I am Human, I have however fled the planet Earth many moons ago to live a more peaceful creative life free of judgement and hate. My home, not unlike your own is in the farthest reaches of my own is, in the grand scheme of things , a newly formed planet, known as UnMundane. I am therefore an UnMundanian.

I shall toss a postcard toward the stars in hopes that it reaches the shores of Republic Van Patland.

Until then Patricio, Celestial Scribe....follow your bliss.

Cookiefish of UnMundane

At 4:49am on July 30, 2018, emily louise said…

I LOVE the mail art you sent me!!  I will definitely "steal" your method of personalizing mail art with words from previous mail art.  So very delightful.  I'm working something to send to you but have been a bit busy with who knows what.   See you in the mail eventually!  

At 10:58am on July 10, 2018, Deb Douglas said…

remarkable collection of humorous, stimulating art.  Thank you Celestial.  Will reciprocate in the very near future!!

At 8:31pm on July 5, 2018, Ana Kawajiri said…

Caro Escriba Celestial, obrigada pela arte postal! Postei fotos no blog:

At 4:44am on June 27, 2018, J said…

 Sounds good. I am just excited (and nervous because many a mail have been lost before reaching their destination). But I will hope for the best. Thanks Patricio.

At 8:14pm on June 26, 2018, Irem said…

Sure, thanks

At 8:43am on June 23, 2018, J said…

Hello Patricio,

I sent this off to you a few weeks ago. Hope you've received it. 


At 1:57pm on June 18, 2018, Ilya Semenenko-Basin said…

Gracias, colega.

At 11:04pm on June 11, 2018, amadeu escórcio said…

 Caro mio:

  Io sono piú uno mafarrico infernale ma  respondró domani, forse.

                                    Amadeu Escórcio



At 7:00pm on June 4, 2018, PAOLA GAIDOLFI said…

Hello Patricio, today I've received the certificate of participation to the mail art call of University of Paranà. Thank you

At 7:06pm on June 3, 2018, Uta Richter said…

Dear Patricio,

nice reading you: mail art will be sent : )

in between:
would you like to be part of our mail art show in July ? - I know it's
short notice, here beneath the details: spread the message if you feel
like : )

Kind regards

Call for artists:
International Mail Art Exhibition at ProjetM@MottattoM, Geneva

Our gallery space projetM@MottattoM is looking for participants in our
unique mail art show in July/August 2018
Free theme, size + technique

Mail a stamped postcard or mail-art piece with your name, address and
email by June 15th to projetM@MottattoM, 20 bis av. Giuseppe Motta, 1202
Geneva, Switzerland
dead line for arrival: 20th of JUNE 2018

All submissions MUST be sent through the mail. All pieces mailed within
the specified timeframe will be included in the exhibition and there is no
limit to the number of pieces any artist may submit. Participants may be
any age and from any country world-wide.

By submitting, you are agreeing to donate your mail-art to
projetM@MottattoM as a fundraiser. Each artwork will be for sold during
the exhibit for 20 CHF benefiting the programmation of the non profit
gallery projetM.

Any unsold pieces will not be returned following the exhibition. (unless
you ask for it and cover the postage)

The three most impressive mail-art pieces will be selected by a jury and
receive a mystery price.

Uta, Laurianne, Carmen
for ProjetM (our art factory in Geneva)

At 6:36pm on June 3, 2018, Allison Ruby said…

Thanks for writing! I will get on this as soon as I can.

At 12:06am on May 31, 2018, J said…

Hello Celestial one, 

Looking forward to your mail. Hope to send you one soon too.




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