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At 8:07pm on April 26, 2014, Petrolpetal said…

I have just finished making a collage just for you! will send soon!

At 12:48am on April 26, 2014, Blaine Waterman said…

I mailed you something Sunday afternoon. Wonder how long the mail journey from California to Curitiba takes. Two weeks? Three weeks? Guess I'll find out.............

At 7:59pm on April 25, 2014, Petrolpetal said…

Thanks for your beautiful mail art! inspiring as usual.I will practice what you breach. (...yes, I can't remember what you said!! Dont worry it was all good and meaningful to a mail artist - thank you.) Beautiful bordered. and yet borderless! Brilliant!

At 9:25pm on April 24, 2014, Des Coutinho said…

I feel completely chastised. In English then the lingua franca of space time travellers. Ok this is the plan. I am trying to organize a prison break. And I figure a celestial scribe could come in handy in case there was a knife fight but this is unlikely. I just figure between me and a celestial scribe you'd be better. I am assuming in your intergalactic travels the story will be familiar. My gel is imprisoned in a dungeon in the foothills of the Himalyas. She's been imprisoned for 13 years on indefinite detention without trial. She is a follower of a dead Indian called Mohandas K Gandhi who read Tolstoy and the Gita and got kicked out a train when he was a young barrister and decided to make the world a safer place through non-violent assertive compassion which he called satyagraha. She thinks she can help her people the Manipuris basically by stopping it from being legal to rape, gang rape or murder them if you are soldier sent to protect them. Sometimes I have to give a lot more explanation but given you are the Honorary Consul for the Terrene Embassy boy have I been trying to get through to consular help there for ages. Well I was hoping you could send her some mail art. I figure something simple that sums up the quintessence of hope and love and transformation. No butterflies. Or anything. In return I have purchased half a dozen mad irish sheep coloured gel pens and I am going to work on something for you. But when you are ready you send her some mail art and help save you know the plot of the magnificent seven with Yul Bryner and Stephen McQueen or the Akiro Kurosawa film about seven ronin who save poor villagers. Well you'd be like that only post modernist ironic. What I mean is. They have been keeping her in solitary confinement to try to break her spirit. I think they succeeded but she became stronger. It's apparently how a lotus germinates. They look like dragon eggs and stay dormant for ages until a lightening strike or something tries to smash it. Then they start to grow. But they only grow in muddy fetid still waters. They get no nourishment from fresh water. Then the lotus flowers and the awakened one sits on top of but you must have heard that tale before. So that's it really. If you want to read about her or need more info I can try say more. But it's really. She's a simple beautiful woman and she has agreed to marry me. I am more the idiot useless son of swaran deep. But in order to win her hand I need to get her out of prison. And that's where you come it. You do mail art. That's what I ask of you. Once the festivals start here in Portumna I'll send you some more arty stuff. I'll try send you a summary in art form but i have absolutely no talent for art. I don't have any talent for lobbying or prison breaks but I am all she's got for now. So if you are still in. Glad to have you on board. I figure she gets some art work from the Republic of Patland Brazil and that will set the censors in a tizzy. And she will know that I love her. It's sort of trouvere, troubadour minnesinger work but mail art and to be sent to Irom Sharmila Chanu

Human Rights Defender

Security Ward

Jawaharlal Nehru I M S


Imphal East

Manipur 795005


You mean I've hit level five duolingo portugues and I still don't have enough fluency to organize a prison break in Portugues. ay caramba se necesita una poca de gracia.
Una poca de gracia por mí, por ti ay ariba ay ariba por ti seré, por ti seré por ti seré.

Next you'll tell me that's not even portugues. What do you say your excellency.

At 8:32am on April 24, 2014, Des Coutinho said…

Oi Ola eu gosto mail art por uma mulher

Irom Sharmila Chanu

Human Rights Defender

Security Ward

Jawaharlal Nehru I M S


Imphal East

Manipur 795005

ela nao ecrive

eu ecrivo por ela

Sim eu ecrive voce por ela

Falo portugues um pouco

eu nao entendo portugues;-0

se faz favor voce dare ela mail art

e eu daro voce mail art



At 10:33pm on April 22, 2014, Katerina Nikoltsou (MomKat) said…

Thank you for the mail art! Much fun! Blogged here:

Bananas and Llamas? from the Celestial Scribe of Brazil

and crazy gal at "Envelopes" group, too!

At 2:17am on April 22, 2014, Lynn Radford said…

You are most welcome, Patricio! Can't wait to see what arrives in the mail from The Celestial Scribe! :)

At 3:52pm on April 6, 2014, Cris Algoso said…

Hi Patricio!

Thank you for the intergalactic welcome :D. I would love to trade celestial mail art with you! I am currently a little slow with my production of mail art (life is getting in the way) but I will try to send you some as soon as I can. I would love to receive some mail art from you in the meantime though, if you want :)

At 7:51pm on April 4, 2014, Alan Brignull said…

Dearest Alien

your details have been gratefully received and the promise noted. You should soon be getting something from Adanaland by terrestrial real-mail

At 1:02pm on April 4, 2014, Pip Corteen said…

aaargh my laptop is doing extra  terrestrial things like disappearing off to a new dimension half way through original message said that when I was working my colleagues told me they believed I was living on Planet Pip and that I was angle parked in a parallel universe......SO? what's wrong with that! I will slowly get around to a creation....I will be in touch! Salute (with an acute accent over the e...if I could find it!)

By the way did you know that Britain (my birth place) is now fogged over with particles of  sand blown away from the Sahara mixed in with the UK's own toxic emissions....time for all those celestial and alien to start the evacuation process!!!!!!

At 10:57am on April 4, 2014, purpleferret said…

watch said Terrene for a gift from a northern place in hopes that the south will pass along the way!

At 2:45am on April 4, 2014, Opp said…

Celestial Scribe thank you for the beautiful envelope and art work. It was a pleasant surprise to find int he mail box yesterday. Thanks again.

At 12:11am on April 4, 2014, Ana Aguilera said…

Hi, thanks for your message.

You'll receive something sooner or later on your mail box ;)

At 9:03pm on April 3, 2014, giuli said…

thank you for your message,i'll send you a my artwork soon

At 3:06pm on April 3, 2014, Chrystobal said…

.... and the Celestial Scribe of the Replublic of Patland guide us :-)

At 10:10am on April 3, 2014, Chrystobal said…

Was too fast hitting tht "add comment" button.....  Miche-Art-Universalis is her pseudonime that she uses on her artwork

At 9:25am on April 3, 2014, Chrystobal said…

Miche is the shorter name of Micheline, my former neighbour and friend from school (some 40 years back in time).  We reconnected about 2 years ago and she introduced me to Mail-art.  She has no computer and she's also more into writing haiku (japanese style of poetry - 5-7-5 syllables). Very interesting, but nothing for me, I'll stick to mail-art.  (As a side-note:  something is travelling your direction ....... :-))

At 10:22am on April 2, 2014, Loch Llwch said…

Thank you.

At 5:34pm on March 28, 2014, Esther Kamkar said…

Dear Celestial Scribe,

Wondering if the meal-to-die-for really worked, and sent you to the astral dimensions,  since no celestial codes have emerged from Terrene Embassy in Patland.

I want to reassure you and the Republik that I have an alibi, my hands are clean.

At 3:43am on March 27, 2014, Marya Dawn said…
Good to hear from you Patricio. Your mail art will be on its way tomorrow.



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