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At 10:11pm on October 18, 2015, Bruno Cassaglia said…
At 5:19pm on July 31, 2013, Jean-François Aillet said…

Hi, Mabb

The artist Jean-Francois Aillet invites you to collect your sample of sand from a moraine, from next to a waterfall or beside a river, along the shore of a lake or a stream, in a desert or on the border of an ocean. One should not, however, send him sand from a construction site. You are asked to document your collection of the material with a photo, taken as you are pouring the sand into a container. For an example, kindly visit his home page at . English :

See you to take part in this international project.

Jean-François Aillet
Sculpteur / Designer
10, Allée des Tilleuls
14860 Amfréville
Normandie / France

At 9:56pm on April 22, 2012, Bruno Cassaglia said…

At 6:07am on December 2, 2011, Terry Reid said…

hi mabb, here is a link for you: 

if you did not get details for the eXCHANGE, the address for Korea is:-

Tell Me Tell Me SECREts; MoCA; San 58-4, Makgye-dong; Gwacheon-si, Gyeonggi-do; Seoul, Korea 427-701

the show will go to February 19

pass it on to your friends

At 10:42pm on September 19, 2011, chaosatlanta said…
Received your wonderful CAT+!  I LOVE "St. Cattaldo" and the envelope is terrific as well.  Thanks so much.
At 1:00am on September 13, 2011, Pamela Gerard said…
Mabb--so happy you liked the card!
At 9:22pm on September 7, 2011, Cernjul Viviana María said…
At 10:49am on September 4, 2011, andytgeezer said…
Really glad it arrived. I've been meaning to send that out for a long time and I'm glad it's made it over safely. Will be collecting up more Romanian pieces in February I think, so you may see more Romanian artefacts soon
At 6:18pm on September 3, 2011, Zois said…

Good morning Mabb,    it took me a long time to find the friend request thing.  It's on the person's IUOMA page, on the upper left, under their picture & name.  If they're not "friended" yet it says "add as a a friend"."  You most likely already know that part. 

   When the next window opens to add them, in red letters it says "add a personal message."   The first time I saw this was yesteday when I did yours!

At 2:56am on September 3, 2011, Zois said…

Hi neighbor, love your Seamus and hope you send more pictures.  I hope you all are untouched by the flooding rivers.    Elizabeth and L. in Troy

At 3:37pm on August 28, 2011, PIRO said…

Hi Mabb

Doing fine. Lot of branches to cut and move.  We had heavy rain and winds. No power for 4 days. The internet is super slow. So i'm back slowly but fine. Thanks for caring. Hope everything comes ok at NY. Best wiches.

At 2:57pm on August 24, 2011, Valentine Mark Herman said…

Youre sometime-but-uselss mentor asks: Why?

Why are you called 'Mabb'? First name? Last name? Nickname? Accronym?

Regards, JE Sweefoo

At 5:21pm on August 23, 2011, Katerina Nikoltsou (MomKat) said…
"Glad my CATplus has arrived, Mary Alice! That means they are coming to others soon! Yay!
At 4:59pm on August 23, 2011, Valentine Mark Herman said…


Well all of us here can go back to what we do best, which is nothing much these days -- well I'm waiting for some acrylic paint to dry. I DO understand English most of the time ...and French, and Dutch, and other languages too, and when I get stuck I have a Persian cat and a Siamese cat to help me with more exotic languages BUT I don't know nothing about computers and all the mysteries that they talk to each other. And I don't want to know nothing about them anyway.

Anyway this isn't really relevant as you (with the help of Angie & Snooky) have solved your problem. That's what mentors are for: getting other people to solve things.

Perhaps I should get a corgi too: any thoughts?

Blog on, baby!

Regards, JE Sweefoo

At 3:35pm on August 23, 2011, Valentine Mark Herman said…

Bonjour Mabb!  June, July, doesn't really matter because all I am doing is sheltering from the heat and playing with the cats. What a busy life we French Mail Artists lead!

Now, I'm not sure that I can help you with your Blog problem for two reasons. The first is that I don't really understand what your problem is, and that could be because you haven't explained it very well (try again?), or, and more likely, because I am stupid and don't really understand this blog I have other things to do in life (like play with the cats).

Secondly, it could be a 'technical' problem linked to the way the IUOMA database (its called NING -- honest, it is) works, and I have no idea whatsoever how to NING or NONG or whatever. If it is a technical problem, you'll have to ask Ruud Janssen to sort out for you -- but in the meantime try and explain it to me again.

Sorry to be so useless (but that is one of my defining characteristics). Regards JE Sweefoo

At 1:06pm on August 19, 2011, Laura P (spopod) said…
Boy you were up early today! The clown lady had to go to you, I was glad I had not addressed to anyone when I posted it so she could be yours. I can't remember what I put on the inside but if they were stamps they were mail art stamps I made. I like making art stamp, I'll send you a few that I have made.
At 6:39am on August 16, 2011, PIRO said…
It's a pleasure Mary Alice. Hope you get it by Friday.
At 3:54am on August 10, 2011, Laura P (spopod) said…
Yes the clown was me, I forgot to put my name on it! Go for it! That is what I love about this group, someones idea spurs your creativity. I have a long list of "I want to try that!" from this group.
At 10:52pm on August 8, 2011, Mary England said…
I guess if someone were to ask me what mail-art is it would be receiving something so beautiful and quaint in the mail that you don't want to open it. I learned that today with your envelope. I have no idea exactly what this 'it' factor is but this envelope you sent me has it. I still haven't opened it. It's been in my possession for over an hour and I love the way it feels in my hands. I know I have to eventually open it to read what you wrote but not yet. Thank you very much. <3
At 10:20am on August 4, 2011, Katerina Nikoltsou (MomKat) said…

Thank you for ALL, Mary Alice! Your mail art is on display in my olive tree ;-) Both cards have arrived and i like them very much! They are in a blog on the Main Page : Mail Art arrives at seaside...

Thank you, thank you!



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