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At 1:53pm on March 3, 2015, Tomoe N said…

Hello it has been a while I did not sent you back but you sent me mail few years ago. I try to be more active now. Thank you. 

At 9:50pm on July 23, 2013, olgacorrales said…

Mail Art - CONTRA LA TRATA DE MUJERES- Se agradece la difusión

   Hola como estan ? . Les envío la convocatoria de Miradas y Postales para presentarse en el IV Encuentro de Artistas por la No violencia hacia las Mujeres en noviembre de este año en la ciudad de Bahía Blanca-Argentina  ,por si estan interesad@s , este proyecto en particular  va a trabajar el tema de la trata de mujeres ,concientizar a traves del Arte , el envío es solo por correo postal ,este proyecto se va a mostrar en varios países sea por medio de proyecciones de videos,diapositivas, como por envío postal para muestras en galerías,museos espacios públicos y/o salones  ,la idea es crear una red de información a través del arte .
El proyecto anterior de Miradas y Postales -Por la No violencia hacia las Mujeres -recibío una convocatoria de 152 personas de 25 países y un total de 256 postales artísticas.

Muchas Gracias Saludos Cordiales Olga Corrales

Se agradece la participación y difusión del proyectoMAIL ART-ARTE POSTAL --CONVOCATORIA 2013 - MIRADAS Y POSTALES- Contra la trata de Mujeres -Against trafficking in Women para el IV Encuentro de Artistas por la No violencia hacia las Mujeres en Noviembre-Bahía Blanca-Argentina .

Se Agradece difusión Se invita-convoca a Artistas-No Artistas a realizar Arte Postal . Reflejando la situación Sociocultural-Política-Económica sobre el Tráfico de mujeres en sus países ,para el ” Encuentro de Artistas por la No violencia hacia las mujeres” a realizarse en Bahía Blanca-Argentina,en Noviembre de 2013 en el marco del Día Internacional por la No violencia hacia las Mujeres.
 Técnicas ;Libre( fotografías, collage ,pinturas , grabados, escritos, poemas, etc.
Todos los escritos, poemas, versos, frases, deben ser pasados al ingles y al español.
 Tamaño: Libre Cantidad :Libre
Fecha de cierre de recepción: 10-11-2013
No jurado, , no devolución, no comercialización.

Todas las obras serán publicadas on-line en el blog -

Se seleccionaran todas las obras recibidas salvo las que no guarden el criterio de la temática propuesta,por q la intención es concientizar por medio del Arte.

 La participación en esta convocatoria es libre e implica el conocimiento y plena aceptación de las bases de la misma.

 Las Postales deberán ser enviadas en sobre cerrado junto con datos personales a esta dirección Argentina:
Olga Corrales
Dirección:Libertad nº3756-Ing White Bahia Blanca-Pcia de Bs As-Argentina
C.P. 8103
IMPORTANTE: Enviar las imágenes en formato JPG (preferiblemente no muy pesadas) a las siguientes direcciones mail:
Serán subidas al blog http://

At 11:39pm on July 12, 2012, Bruno Cassaglia said…

At 4:24pm on June 6, 2012, Sarah Churchill said…

Hi Anna. I've just been having a look around your blog. There's some incredible work on there! I've had some Altoid tins in a drawer for ages waiting for me to find the time to do something interesting with them, and now I'm really inspired. Especially loving the journals.

Anyway, I just wanted to check if you ever received this card? I haven't spotted it in your posts anywhere, and I sent it quite a while ago :(

At 11:10pm on May 23, 2012, Bruno Cassaglia said…

At 6:42am on May 16, 2012, Valentine Mark Herman said…

Bonjour Anna! Many thanks indeed for the magnicficent 'Summer' sunflower envelope that has safely arrived at Sigean Mediatheque -- it's very colourful and very summery. The first stage of the Exhibition has finished now, but it will return in bigger and better form, of course, in August, when the main Exhibition will be held...and, it will feature, again of course, your sunflowers. I'll be posting pictures of the main Exhibition later.

In the meantime, Merci Beaucoup!

Regards, Val

At 4:24pm on April 23, 2012, jon foster said…

Can't wait to read your zine. I'll let you know when it arrives.

At 9:18pm on April 12, 2012, Patricio - The Celestial Scribe said…

Dear Earthling: This morning a hummingbird on celestial mail service left City of Peace, the capital city of Republik van Patland, a tiny point in the Universe where this scribe comes from.  The Postbird faced Planet Earth in a celestial mission. The objective is to deliver a heaven certified mail artwork kindly produced just for you by one of our mail art celestial masters.

Keep your vicinity under close observation. Celestial messengers – all of them – tend to show up when nobody expects them. The opportunity is propitious for you to see, first time ever, a Postbird on heavenly service if you wish to. Have luck! Keep me posted.  Scribe

At 1:19pm on April 12, 2012, Valentine Mark Herman said…

Bonjour Anna! I have just got your very Large and Very Magnificent Pacific Coast Rain Forest Envelope: it's fantastic, and thank you so very much.

I will put it in the Exhibition this afternoon, and photograph it later so that you can see it on display.

A question: Is there anything in it? It feels that there might be, but I'm scared about opening it up and possibly ruining it.

Haikus and Giant Envelopes -- you're fantastic!

Thanks & regards, Val

At 1:12pm on April 4, 2012, Danielle Maret Williams said…
Hi! Thanks for the friend request, we can swap art for sure! No promises on exactly when, but sure! :-) glad you like my space too, I love it there, I could do with more organizing, but every time I try, I find something I want to make, then I make more mess! Oh well!
At 8:02am on April 2, 2012, cheryl penn said…

Welcome to the Book Group :-) X

At 3:09am on April 1, 2012, Thom Courcelle said…

Whooweee! I love that your hand-carved stamp reflects your livlihood! Thanks for your 'friend' request. I'll look forward to making some art for you very soon... Cheers to you!

At 10:24am on March 31, 2012, Carina said…

Halloo Anna, Nice to be friends! :)

At 2:39pm on March 30, 2012, Nancy Bell Scott said…

Thank you, Anna, and yes, I'd love to receive mail art from you ~

At 2:03pm on March 30, 2012, Valentine Mark Herman said…

Hi! Ignore the last message, me thinks, as a package is  apparently about to come my way. What's in it I wonder? Stamps? Curreny? (large, unmarked, bills only, please). Thanks for the offer, but I don't think there's anything special I'm looking for right now -- someone sent me a much coveted US Buddy Holly stamp recently, and that went into my Buddy Icon Box. Let me know if there's anything Euro- or French-wise I can send you.

Regards, Val°

* Small and unused bills only, alas!

° Who was, unusually for him, discrete , in not mentioning that gasm

At 1:55pm on March 30, 2012, Valentine Mark Herman said…

Hello New Friend! if you'd like to send me some of your Special Stamp Mail Art, I'd be honoured, and I'll send you something back in return.....after a couple of weeks, though, 'cos I have an exhbition strating next Wednesday and am and will be busy. Regards from your New Friend Val

At 7:04am on March 30, 2012, Valentine Mark Herman said…

Dear Stampaphile Anna; You might be interested to look at , the section on Stamp Art, and then the sub-section on Works, to see how stampophiliaitis affects me sometimes. Regards, Val

At 1:06pm on March 26, 2012, vizma bruns said…

Dear Anna!!! My plastic box of fun has left me speechless!!! So I blogged it! ;-)) I don't know what I can send you to thank you!!! XXXXXX LOVE IT!!

At 6:39pm on March 20, 2012, Sarah Churchill said…
Hi Anna! Thank you SO much for the lovely ant covered picnic blanket. It really made me smile! :D
It had a slight mishap on its journey, but nothing too serious. I'll add pics to my 'Incoming' album tomorrow, and it will also feature on my blog on Monday here :

Thank you again, and I will get something in the post to you very soon.
At 5:26am on March 19, 2012, vizma bruns said…

Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnna!! Wooooooopeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! No mail art came today, but knowing there'll be some very soon, or not THAT soon but eventually is GREAT!!! I've had a good online mail art day!!! ;-))



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